December 2-2016
Netflix will now allow users to download and watch content offline

In the age of online streaming of videos, which is on the verge of putting traditional cable connections to the side, Netflix is definitely a name to be known. From just playing different IPs over their platforms, they have come up with their very own IPs like Narcos, Stranger Things and more, that have been extremely well received by the audiences worldwide.

While the company had earlier announced that they will never get into anything offline with their content, it came as kind of a surprise to people when on Monday, the company announced that the online content from the streaming service would be available for download and consumers can watch it offline.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

All you have to do is update your iOS or Android and check for the “Available for Download” option and if you are using Netflix the normal way, you would be notified of the content which will be available for download with a downward notifying arrow (like the download button for most services).

The company created around 600 hours of original content in 2016.

While one of its contemporaries, Amazon Prime has allowed users to download and watch content offline for over a year now, Netflix is just joining in. However, not all the shows and movies would be available for download, only selected ones. The new service has no cost attached to it.