March 30-2015
ZICA students showcase best works in Showreel 2014

India has become a hotbed for computer graphics, animation and VFX. And with the forever growing advancement of technology there is a huge demand for trained artists in the industry as the VFX requirements are becoming significantly challenging.

Incepted in 1995, with mentors who have nutured and facilitated young minds, ZICA continues to transform young talent into professionals preparing them for this highly competitive industry.  ZICA boasts of a state of the art infrastructure with world class facilities that include cutting edge animation tools, 2D animation facilities, 3D software and VFX labs. And making use of these facilities to the fullest, students get hands on experience as they bring their imagination to screen becoming more bold and experimental by using the latest techniques.

The passion and enthusiasm of every ZICAite for the Indian animation industry is contagious.  And the same is reflected in their work. We take a look at 2014’s best works of ZICA students showcasing the tiniest details of the making clearly explaining the breakdown and the objectives of each clip. It is a interesting compilation of student’s works, one of which also won the highly acclaimed “Nuker of the year 2014” award.  A special screening of the showreel was also held at ZICA’s National Student Meet – Aesthetics 2014 and was highly applauded by all the respected Mentors and students who attended the event.

(These are purely personal views of ZICA and does not necessarily subscribe to them)