May 15-2018
Xilam’s catalogue programs help increase YouTube views and revenues

The YouTube audience have seen a considerable growth over recent months with new programs from Xilam’s on YouTube.

With the number of views rising 21 per cent in 2017, Xilam has seen a 79 per cent increase between November 2017 and April 2018. Also, Xilam’s programs, which were viewed 2.6 billion times on YouTube in 2017, are expected to garner close to 4 billion views in 2018. The revenues over this period increased 126 per cent.

Google/YouTube director, head of Kids/family and learning EMEA Gregory Dray added, “Xilam’s universally loved programs have naturally found a unique place on global platforms like YouTube and YouTube Kids. The success of Xilam’s content is a testament to its quality and universality. We are also delighted to see Xilam’s commitment to developing a specific expertise in audience development, channel management and programming strategies. As such, the company is well positioned to fully benefit from the rapid growth of YouTube Kids around the world.”

With an increase in the number of subscribers across Xilam’s channels, it has seen a rise of 50 per cent over the same period. Xilam is expecting around five million total subscribers by the end of 2018. The official Zig and Sharko channel will, by then have reached the same number of subscribers as Oggy & the Cockroaches.

This progress is due to a number of factors including the remarkable work by Xilam’s digital team which manages the YouTube channels, creates new channels and increases the content with a developed expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Western markets including US incorporate Xilam’s programs in Google Preferred, aggregating the top content of YouTube into easy-to-buy packages for brand advertisers. The revenues made huge gains in Asia-Pacific and rose even more quickly in North America, resulting in the release of new seasons of Oggy & the Cockroaches and Zig and Sharko on Netflix and Amazon. The exposure had impacted the revenues on YouTube channel of Zig and Sharko particularly, generating 45 per cent of the revenue in US. This trend will certainly underpin growth in Xilam’s catalogue revenue.

Xilam CEO and chairman Marc du Pontavice said, “I am delighted with both the amazing work carried out by Xilam’s teams, and the essential support and guidance provided by our partners at YouTube and YouTube Kids. These platforms enhance the accessibility of Xilam’s programs worldwide, offering children the chance to have high-quality entertainment at their fingertips.”