July 8-2020
Winsing Animation’s ‘Crazy Candies’ streaming on Amazon Prime Video and ‘GOGOBUS’ airing on Astro

Winsing Animation has announced that two of its animated properties have been taken up – one by Astro and another by Amazon Prime Video.

GOGOBUS, its new edutainment animated property, based on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for kids. The story revolves around an AI school bus which can transform into several different vehicles to protect the children’s safety.

GOGOBUS has 156 episodes of 13 minutes each and have been released in 2019. Its total clicks across major VOD platforms have exceeded 800 million and is currently airing on Astro in Malaysia from the last week of June.

Targeted at two to five years olds, it integrates SEL to help children solve their troubles.

On the other hand, Winsing’s another animated IP – Crazy Candies season three is now available on Amazon Prime Video. This comedy series tells the story of a Candy Jar, and its two main characters who try their best to satisfy one picky customer, who is seeking for a secret recipe hidden somewhere in the world. 

Crazy Candies has already attracted a lot of fans in China and is now streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. Winsing Animation has also hinted that more programmes will be launched on the streaming platform soon.