July 3-2019
Webtoon launches first animated series ‘My Giant Nerd Boyfriend’

Digital publisher, Webtoon makes its animation debut with a 10-episode series adaptation of one of the platform’s most popular titles, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, animated! The hilarious slice-of-life adventures of Malaysia-based artist Fishball and her loving, very patient, very tall boyfriend has cultivated a devoted following who have pushed the comic to Webtoon’s top strips list.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a webcomic about the experiences of a short girl with her much taller boyfriend. The series premiered on 1 July and will run everyday through 10 July. One can also read the whole comic on Webtoon.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend debuted on Webtoon on 5 March 2017 and was an immediate hit and is currently at more than 351 million views and 20 million likes.