July 8-2020
Viaan Gaming ropes in Anita Hasnandani as brand ambassador of Housie Quiz gaming app

The Housie Quiz app is presented by Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Raj Kundra promoted company – Viaan Gaming saw a remarkable boost in downloads of the app in the last three days, after the ban on Chinese apps were announced. Therefore actress Anita Hasnandani has been roped in as the ‘face’ of the Housie Quiz gaming app.

Brand ambassador, actress Anita Anita Hassanandani added, “It has been an extraordinary few days. I have been loving the quality time being spent with my family. I believe Housie is a rather fun engagement with folks at home or outside. I have been on the Housie app quite a bit and I cannot even begin to explain how immersive the game is. It is full nostalgia for me, remembering our younger days. I used to be quite lucky at winning! Not only does everyone have fun in Housie but each one of you has a chance to win money. So what are you waiting for? Bring it on!”

Shilpa and Raj Kundra plan to go all out and break through the clutter of the gaming industry in the country. Viaan Gaming CEO Raj Kundra, shares, “ We are stoked to see the response to the Housie Quiz app. We are excited to have gamers like Anita on board with us. She not only added attractiveness to the game but will also spread the positive messaging and the awareness to our target audience.”

One can earn real cash by playing Housie Quiz with instant cash-out features. The app is available on android and IOS and can be downloaded directly from the Housie Quiz website. Each gamer can purchase up to two tickets that cost Rs 25 each and play multiple games of Housie from a choice of multiple randomly generated number games during the day.

The twist in Housie Quiz is that after every number a question pops up on your screen and if you answer it correctly you get the number if it’s in your ticket but if you answer incorrectly the number turns red preventing you from winning the full house however you could still win jaldi 5, lines and the full house if there are no red answers. Housie Quiz offers instant cash out up to Rs 9,999 for winners directed to their Paytm account and withdrawals over Rs. 9,999 are sent to the nominated bank account or Paytm within 24 hours on completion of KYC.  Housie game is available on the app, every hour on the hour. Not only that on Sunday afternoon at 1 pm the game has high stakes where there is a chance to win Rs 1,50,000.  Housie Quiz has partnered with a national broadcaster and will be airing on national television for snowball Sundays where the prizes will go into Lakhs from October 2020.