July 10-2018
Veative plans to bring immersive technology in classrooms with it’s VR Learn Solution

Veative, a provider of education technology and digital learning solutions has recently launched its VR Learn Solution. The company uses immersive technologies such as 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality with an objective to bring significant educational transformation by introducing immersive and interactive modules within classrooms.

Veative co-founder Ankur Aggarwal says ‘’Veative’s VR Learn solutions is a reality based immersive and experiential learning solution which results in possibly heightened retention of the subject matter, and deeper level of engagement in a distraction free environment. The first affordable, practical and interactive learning model can benefit learners of all stripes.’’

Veative’s VR Learn Solution include the Veative VR viewer along with VR ready android phone and controller, pre-loaded with 500 plus VR learning modules, which enable navigation and allows interactivity within the virtual reality module. The objects inside the module can be manipulated and assessment answers can be selected,typed and/or adjusted. The VR solution kit also includes extensive Educational Stem Library which is been designed keeping in mind the interactivity for users. Each module consists of activities to be done by the user and each activity outcome data is used for reports and analytics purposes. 

The aforementioned VR Solution comes with classroom controls as well as reports and analytics. When delivering a VR experience, mentors can stay in control using classroom control features in the classroom management app. The reports and analytics feature will allow quick visualisation of how students are interacting with the VR Modules, with the help of student and teacher dashboards.