February 18-2016
Vaibhav Kumaresh and Prosenjit Ganguly design a PG course in Animation Film Design at DJAD

Gone are the days when learning animation or fetching for an animation school was a difficult task. With a range of certified courses in animation available in India and abroad in the present time, the education space for animation has been quite equipped and the platform has increased extensively. Today, not only there are independent courses available but, to name a few, institutes like NID, MAAC, DJAD, Arena, FX School, Frameboxx, ZICA and Whistling Woods have created a great scope for a futuristic career in animation, visual effects and film design.

In addition, a number of animators who function independently and out of their respective studios extend their animation knowledge to others by imparting education. For example, Studio Eeksaurus, founder, Suresh Eriyat takes lectures and conducts workshops on animation film design at various areas, while Vaibhav Studios, founder, Vaibhav Kumaresh conducts sessions and serves as a visiting faculty to animation institutes. Prosenjit Ganguly and Gitanjali Rao, independent animators, are also known to conduct workshops and teach animation to young creative minds.

Recently, Vaibhav Kumaresh and Prosenjit Ganguly have designed a one year Post Graduate course in Animation Film Design for the DJ Academy of Design in Coimbatore. The academy has numerous courses in Industrial, Communication, Film and Graphic Design but this Animation Film Design course has been introduced for the first time.

DJ Academy of Design

‘Animation can be learnt only in the practical way, theory just supports it’…and this course is based on the same principle as the students will have to practically apply what they learn, brush their skills and finally produce their own films. Creator of Vodafone Zumi, Vaibhav Kumaresh says, “Though I am a visiting faculty at many design and animation schools, I have always had the desire to start our own school where we get to share our experience with the next generation. I am glad that DJAD has given us this opportunity. This course will help to inculcate the basics of animation and film design by highlighting various aspects right from storyboarding to character development. Also, unique forms of film making like stop motion and puppet animation will be taught to the students so that they get an overall experience of film making. ”

The one year course has a strong focus on storytelling, film making, fundamentals of animation and exposure to multiple mediums. Also, a number of industry veterans will add their input and share their experience as visiting faculty thus adding to the pool of knowledge. The details are available at the official website of DJAD.

The fact that animators and entrepreneurs are taking this initiative to impart and share their knowledge with the young crowd is a commendable effort. Moreover, this convergence of ‘Experience and thirst for learning’ will create wonders as it paves the way for a beaming phase of film making in India.