June 17-2020
Top card games for adults in 2020

Sitting down on a table of card games with friends could give a heavenly feeling. Here, you enjoy an unmatched feeling when you build the deck and depend completely on the randomness that comes with the heap of cards.

When most people think of card games, casinos will often spring to mind. Whether it’s playing at a blackjack table, spinning the roulette wheel or playing on the slots, casinos on Casimple have tons of games to offer, including some of the most impressive, real-money card games you can find.

Another thing is that card games are found all over the world. Most of the card games played by adults evoke no sense of humor, yet they are perfectly enjoyable. So, people of all age groups can have a swell time with these games. We embarked on a mission, and that mission was focused on gathering some of the best card games played around the world, including those that are focused on betrayals, battles, and creativity. The result of our studies is given below.


If you are neither a kid and nor a cat, then you may well have this game as the most entertaining thing you can lay hands on. Here, you will encounter more dragons and dungeons, because you are tasked to grow in strength and battle against monsters to achieve victory.

Here, you simply make efforts to achieve level 10, by defeating the monsters. While at it, your opponents will make efforts to stop you from achieving that singular goal. This will give birth to new alliances and new friendships.

Bears and Babies

If you have been thinking of who will win if the babies are pitched against bears, this is where you get the answer to that question. Here, you have to develop an army that is full of mutant bears with monstrous attributes to deal with the menace of the evil baby. You win the game when you destroy the highest number of evil babies. The game is not complicated, because the gameplay is straightforward, and because of this, most of the new comers chose it, making it one of the most popular card games.

Boss Monster

Here, you will be standing face to face with something that looks like the video game of old. This does not make it less attractive and lovable anyway. Here, you come out as a villain and are billed to develop your own dungeons. After building these, you must lure adventurers into it and deceive them into killing themselves in the bid to win.

There is also a chance to prank around with your friends. You can decide to rob them off their heroes or destroy their game plan. They also have the right to do the same to you.

Joking Hazard

This is a humor filled game. In fact, your major role here is to get your friends amused. It is a very nice game, which is very easy to play too. To achieve this amusement mission, you have to use images from ‘Happiness and Cyanide’ to come up with strange jokes that elicit huge humor because they are very senseless.

The game is too funny to ignore, as the jokes that make no sense will always get your friends laughing out loud and hard. It is seen as one of the most enjoyable card games that adults can play.

Marvel Champions

Superheroes are still very attractive to many people. Granted that many people are getting tired of the concept, some others are still deeply engrossed in it. Because of that, this game makes sense for homes that are full of teenagers.

In the game, you focus on building a deck that will assist you in destroying all the Marvel Universe’s villains. You play as the biggest hero in the land.

Long term fans of the Marvels Series will cherish this because it comes with a lot of nods from the franchise. But one drawback here is that for you to load the game and start playing, it will take you more time than all the other games ever will.

Bucket of Doom

Among all the games mentioned here, this is the only title that is fitted into a beautiful plastic bucket.  Here, you are given the cards, and with them, you are tasked to design an escape plan. Here, you may find yourself trying to slip away from several men on your tights and apron. Among all the games on this list, this is the most creative.

Game of Phones

For students or adults living together, this promises to be exciting. All the cards are designed with some prompts, and these prompts are linked to your smartphone. Your task here is to get your friends laughing while you complete the prompts as fast as possible.

This is a very fun-filled game that has the capacity to unearth the Google history of your friends on the downside.

Exploding Kittens

Cats can pose some threats sometimes. Cat breeders can attest to the fact that they can get energetic and excited in an absurd manner randomly, and this may happen even at night when you are resting. But what you may not know is that cats can also explode. That is what this card game is built on.

Here, you lure other players to choose an exploding kitten, and when they do, they lose the game. Because of the simplicity of the gameplay, this turns out to be one of the best in the list.

Weird Things Humans Search For

This is for the digital age, and this means that all ages at present are in it. This has some semblance with ‘Family Fortunes,’ but it is enhanced by the autocomplete mode. Here, you set out in search of points, and you gain these points by guessing the strange search terms that people have used online. Most times, you will get upset by this game. But overall, it’s a very funny game. The best things can upset sometimes, can’t they?


Here, you mess around with a family of the Victorian era. You have only one task in this game, and that is to ensure that you upset your family with everything in you until they have lived their lives and died off. The game promises to be mean to people, and it’s one that should come with the caveat, ‘don’t try this in real life’. It is a game where your friends will preoccupy themselves with your family’s happiness, while you try everything possible to make them sad, so as to balance things out. It comes with a very unique setting. When you add it to the dark humor, you arrive at a great adult card game.


This is also among the best card games, and that is because it is very player friendly. It is a game you can easily learn and play. But it will leave in you a wound that you can never forget.  The game is won by just emptying your hand. As you try to win this game, your family and friends will want to betray you and prevent you from winning. Make sure you take this warning to heart when playing the game.