April 27-2020
Tibu spreads awareness on covid-19 through kids friendly comics

The covid-19 pandemic has made every artist reach out the human race in his/ her own way, spreading awareness, sharing hopeful insights, showcasing the horrifying situation, or just putting the current scenario on paper.

There’s a lot of information going around in traditional as well as social media platforms keeping everyone well informed about the grim happenings out there. Magic Elements Studios chose to focus on sticking to how Tibu, an eight year old creative individual, could react in the same situation which we all are facing currently and of course in her own jovial manner and perspective. The fun, cute comics can be seen on the official Instagram page of Tibu Comics.

A few days before the Janta Curfew on 22 March, the studio did a post stating ‘(Better) Things to do at Home’ where Tibu does what she enjoys the most while being at home. Then during the lockdown a series of comics was shown with Tibu saluting and appreciating the role of all the doctors, health workers and emergency workers who are working round the clock to cure those infected.

Later there was a prevention post, appealing to every Tibu friend out there to stay safe. Tibu was also seen requesting God to end this long holiday, in another comic. An important comic spreading awareness on social-distancing where she is in a spacecraft on the Moon far from Earth, made rounds and was appreciated too. Magic Elements Studios founder and creative director Nikhil Salvi mentioned that the latest animated comic will be followed by a few more.

“Overall the young audience is enjoying and appreciating the posts. We are glad to lighten up the spirit of at least a sizable bunch of them showing Tibu’s take on the same situations we all face currently,” added Salvi.

Comic certainly helps in bringing fresh air in an already murky situation and Tibu alongwith many other kids’ characters is making the situation less stressful, for young and adults alike.