June 27-2020
Tibu Comics makes its way to Kindle

The favourite Tibu is now available for her readers on Kindle. The comics, although available in print, were a logistics hassle specifically in the lockdown period. But the urge to reach out to their target audience with Tibu content was always the focus.

Usually popping up in our social media feed, Tibu will now be on our Kindles too. “The posts on social media were one such way of reaching but were limited in a sense,” mentioned Magic Elements Studios founder Nikhil Salvi.

The first Tibu Comic that made its way through Comic Con Mumbai 2018 was overlooked, but the team always wanted to offer something to Tibu’s fans. And now, Tibu is available to the readers in digital format. Making it easy to purchase anytime, anywhere in India and all those countries where Kindle is available. 

Tibu is gaining popularity, not just in India but has a huge following globally too. Fans of Tibu as far as from Australia had asked Salvi about purchasing the book when it first got launched. Within half an hour of it going live, the first digital copy was sold on the UK Amazon site. “Am a bit relieved to offer the readers their favorite characters’ story at their own convenience,” added Salvi. The team is planning on making the second comic soon which will be direct to digital format on Kindle bypassing the print hard copy.

Tibu, is fun, naughty, sweet, and smart, just like any other kid in every household. She is all that any person as a kid would have loved to be, imaginative, expressive and loveable.

The creators of Tibu, an eight year old creative individual, showcased how she would react in the grim situation of the current pandemic in her own jovial manner and perspective. The fun, cute comics were seen all over the official social media pages of Tibu Comics.

The team planned on using Instagram as the platform to generate some feedback initially, and very quickly saw a greater potential from Tibu than they have ever imagined. The naughty and lovable Tibu is already growing her fan base and we are eager to also see her get all animated soon!

Till then, enjoy some fun, entertaining and light-hearted reads from Tibu on Kindle.