January 18-2017
The pre-school sensation channel – ChuChu TV’s video enters the 1 billion views club

Asia Pacific’s most watched YouTube channel with a subscriber base of five million, with three million average views per video on its channels, ChuChu TV, has hit the one billion views landmark for its nursery rhymes compilation video, Johny Johny Yes Papa. The video has the distinction of being India’s first entry to the “One billion views” club. This “Made in India” channel is ranked number one in Asia Pacific across all genres and ranked two worldwide in the education genre. Overall it ranks 15th globally in all genres. Its audience is drawn from across the world with its top markets being the US, India, UK, Philippines and Vietnam. Overall, ChuChu TV channels have notched up eight billion plus views and have over 9.5 million subscribers worldwide.

Started in 2013, ChuChu TV infuses nursery rhymes, songs stories for education with entertainment, as a mean of giving nursery rhymes a new rendition with tweaks like re-written lyrics which made the rhymes more meaningful and contemporary. The channel’s most popular song Johny Johny Yes Papa’s video was captured with parents and kids co-sleeping but eventually another version 2.0 was re-made on the basis of the global feedback where the reference of co-sleeping was withdrawn. The video is a true testimony of how engaged its viewers are and how ChuChu TV is geared for responding to feedback and creating content that works across the world.

Speaking on the occasion, ChuChu TV, founder, CEO and creative director, Vinoth Chandar said, “We are elated to have reached the one billion views mark with our Johny Johny Yes Papa video. For us one billion is not just a number, it is a reposing of faith in our content and it makes us proud to be an Indian brand that is creating content that is having a positive impact on the next gen across the world. It inspires us to do more and to do it better.”

The video hit 100 million views within three months of its launch, paving the way for the company, to massively ramp up resourcing and operations. The video was also the first video of B.M Krishnan, the company’s creative head and co-founder, providing ChuChu TV its signature unique creative style. Apart from Johny Johny Yes Papa, ChuChu TV has 10 video compilations which have crossed the 200 million views mark.

Echoing the same sentiment, B.M. Krishnan adds, “The universal values of love, friendship, caring and sharing is the same across the world and our content’s success is a proof of the same. ChuChu TV has been able to take this universal messaging and set it to a distinctive style that is loved by pre-schoolers, their parents and caregivers across the world. Our aim is to reach even more kids across the world and in India in different formats and languages that they would like to see ChuChu TV in”.  

Recently, YouTube Kids launched in India wherein ChuChu TV’s content can be observed on it. As for the ChuChu TV’s future plans, the studio plans to launch in Indian regional languages and also add Russian, French and Arabic channels to cater to geo specific audiences. They have recently initiated work on their 3D content for kids and captured its first video on ChuChu TV Funzone channel. Given its massive popularity, the company is also working on launching licensed merchandise for which it has tied up with India’s premier licensing representation company Dream Theatre and is working with them for making the brand license ready.

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