May 27-2015
Robert Rodriguez to direct live action ‘Jonny Quest’

The boy with the adventurous family is set to hit the big screen soon. Jonny Quest was a cult Cartoon Network show that aired during various timelines in different eras. The film is to be helmed by Sin City director Robert Rodriguez who is to direct and co-write the movie for Warner Bros.

Inspired by the classic fiction John Carter of Mars, the Hanna-Barbera property followed the sci-fi adventures of a young teenager and his family as they traveled across the globe. First premiered in 1964, the show got aired only for a season before being pulled due to increasing animation cost and not being able to sustain the production. The show got a new lease of life again in 1980s. And staging a comeback once again in 1992, where it was brought back for two seasons giving the series its last screen presence.

While no actors have signed onto the project, the hope is this new version will finally make it to theaters with Rodriguez helping things along.

Rodriguez has Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Carribean) for company who will co-write the screenplay with Dan Lin producing through his Lin Pictures outfit with Adrian Askarieh through his company, Prime Universe. Andy Fischel and Nik Mavinkurve are overseeing production for Warner Bros.