February 25-2020
Riki Group acquires Aeroplane Prods of ‘The Fixies’ fame

Russian animation company Riki Group, of Kikoriki and BabyRiki fame, has acquired Aeroplane Prods., the producer of the cartoon franchise The Fixies, as reported by Variety

Post Aeroplane’s purchase, Riki Group general producer Ilya Popov will be responsible to look after the enlarged group, while Aeroplane founder Georgiy Vasilyev will be the creative producer of Aeroplane’s major animation projects.

Said he, “Since 2011, Riki Group’s assistance helped to establish and monetize ‘The Fixies’ brand. At the start of the project our company invested $3 million into the production of the series and the brand. In a considerably short time the series has been a huge success both in Russia and internationally, making a significant contribution to the creative industry.”

The deal is in line with Riki’s overall growth strategy, and follows the acquisition of the Tina & Tony brand through its purchase of a stake in Digital Television Company whose TV channels include Mult and Mama.

Set up in 2005, Aeroplane, is one of Russia’s leading animation company and The Fixies is its flagship franchise, about small human-like creatures who keep technological world running smoothly. In addition to the series, The Fixies also have two movies The Fixies: Top Secret (2017) and Fixies vs. Crabots (2019). The TV rights for the series have been sold to more than 80 countries.

Riki Group is also taking Finnick, a feature film, to Berlin. Finnick tells the tale of a   mischievous furry creature who pranks on the family who lives in his house.