June 19-2020
POGO premieres new telemovie ‘Bheem Ban Gaya Super Star’ on 21 June

POGO, owned by Turner International India (unit of WarnerMedia) has announced a brand new tele-movie with its popular animated property, Chhota BheemTitled Bheem Ban Gaya Super Star, the tele-movie will air on the kids channel on Sunday, 21 June at 11:30 am. 

Earlier, speaking on the new content around Chhota Bheem, Cartoon Network and POGO South Asia network head Abhishek Dutta said in an official statement, “Since its inception, Bheem has been immensely popular among kids, who look up to him for his actions and values. Over the years, the character has led to several popular IPs that resonate with our young viewers. We are delighted to present him and his Dholakpur gang on POGO, and will air fresh content starring Bheem almost every day. With this, we are looking forward to creating a fun, engaging and entertaining summer for our young fans.”

The synopsis of Bheem Ban Gaya Super Star follows : “Film director Anmol Girpade casts villagers of Dholakpur and Pehelwanpur in his new movie and the shooting begins. While everyone is busy rehearsing their script and acting it out, Mangal Singh gets to know that the king is going to use the real treasure in the movie.

Taking advantage of the loot plot in the movie, Mangal Singh sneaks in to get away with the treasury and the king, but forgets to switch the cameras off. Bheem and others notice that the reel goons have been replaced by the real ones. Hence, Bheem leaps in to knock Mangal down in his true heroic way and give Mr. Girpade his best shot.”

Given the pandemic and the lockdown that followed, kids channels have continuously come up with new engaging and entertaining content for kids to keep them occupied. Bheem, who has remained a fan favourite since its inception in 2008, is thus a natural choice for the channel to explore more content opportunities.

Rajiv Chilaka

Green Gold founder and CEO Rajiv Chilaka, who’s the creator and director of Chhota Bheem told AnimationXpress, “I am very proud of our team as Bheem Ban Gaya Super Star was completely produced during the lockdown period from our respective homes. Our super talented artists worked with full heart for it. We were lucky that the approved animatic was ready just a few days before the lockdown. We thank the team of POGO for their complete support during the making and for their understanding of the COVID situation.”

Apart from producing new episodes and telemovies, the kids channel have also launched exciting campaigns to engage and interact with kids beyond the TV screens.

POGO launched #WeForTheWorld initiative on 31 May on its social media handles with a heartwarming video emphasising solidarity and togetherness. Through its inspiring lyrics, ‘Hum sab saath toh nahi… Phir bhi hum sab ek saath hai’ (Despite the distance, we are still together) the video reminds fans and parents that no matter the distance, we are all in it together. The video is promoted on-air and through POGO’s digital channels.

#WeForTheWorld also features fun and stimulating activities on its social pages, like ‘Paper Cup Magic Fun with Mr. Bean’, ‘DIY POGO Bookmarks’, ‘DIY Race with Grizzy and the Lemmings’. To further boost the initiative, POGO has also collaborated with popular influencers.