July 8-2020
Pocket52 is hosting GPS Poker Tournament Series this July

Pocket52, is hosting a tournament series with guaranteed rewards topping of Rs. 3 crore, for the month of July. Named the Grand Poker Sprint(GPS), this tournament series consists of 300+ poker tournaments, and has started from 1 July and will run till 31July, with tournament prizes ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10 lac. 

Pocket52 co-founder and CEO Nitesh Salvi

Sharing his insights, Pocket52 co-founder and CEO  Nitesh Salvi, said, “The monthly tournaments on Pocker52 have received an overwhelming response from poker players in India. In July, participants will have access to a total of Rs 3 crore in the guaranteed prize pool and Leaderboard rewards worth Rs 12 lakh. We are also planning to announce a giveaway of over Rs 10 lakh this month on our social media handles. From a business perspective, hosting these tournaments has helped us to significantly improve our user engagement with an impressive month-on-month growth of 25per cent over the past five months.”

Pocket52’s GPS Poker tournament series comprises 300+ independent poker tournaments. Participation in the tournaments is easy and the participation fee starts from Rs. 0. In order to participate, one must head over to Pocket52.com and login to the web app, or can use other options like the Android app or the Windows Desktop app. The guaranteed prizes for these tournaments range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10 lac. Sweetening the deal further are leaderboard rewards worth Rs. 12 lac for the consistent performers in the tournaments.

The tournaments in the series are being held on all 31 days of July. The biggest tournaments of the day are held at 2PM, 8PM and 10PM. The 2PM Tournament, called Pocket Lunch, with guaranteed rewards of 2 lac, is one of the most popular events on the Pocket52 platform. The 8 PM tournament is the main event of the day, with guaranteed rewards ranging from Rs. 2 lac to 10 lac. The 10 PM tournament, called Pocket Dinner, with a guaranteed reward worth 1.5 lac, ends the day on a high note.The biggest tournament of the series is Pocket Aces, scheduled every Sunday at 8 PM, with a guaranteed prize of Rs 10 lakh.

 There are also multiple tournaments with varying guaranteed rewards happening throughout the day. There are freeroll tournaments, which are organized daily, and do not require any participation fee. Additionally, there are micro tournaments called Speed with buy-in of Rs 11 and Rs 22 and guaranteed cash prizes worth Rs 500 and Rs 1000 respectively.