June 12-2020
PlayStation 5 event records one million viewers on Twitch, two million on YouTube

PlayStation 5 event  was watched live by over a million viewers on Twitch and over two million viewers on YouTube. Both milestones hit PlayStation broadcasts in English and do not include any broadcasts in other languages ​​or other official streams.Almost 10.5 million hours of content was consumed during the three hours the PlayStation channels were broadcasting. The VOD on Twitch also has 103,000 views just an hour after wrapping up according to Dot Esports .

The YouTube broadcast didn’t come anywhere close to the platform’s record, but the Twitch version of the stream nearly broke the platform’s single-channel broadcast record, which was set in 2018.

According to stream analytics website Sullygnome, ELEAGUE holds the record for the highest peak viewers on a single channel in Twitch history, when it peaked on 28January during the Boston Major at 1,065,148 users watching CS:GO. The PS5 event was less than 50,000 viewers away from breaking that mark, hitting a max of 1,014,646. In addition, according to Esports Charts, 7,270,523 people tuned into the event across all platforms, including 214 Twitch rebroadcasts and the official streams from all languages. The average viewership for the entire event was just over four million, all within a three hour time period.

Sony Corp  unveiled more than two dozen titles for its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, and have revealed gameplay and shared the glimpse of how PlayStation 5 console looks during the event.