May 14-2015
Pixelloid partners with Vancouver Film School Canada to offer courses in 3D animation and VFX

Pixelloid Studios has partnered with Vancouver Film School, Canada – one of the leading institutes in the world – to offer a unique production based two year program in 3D Animation & Visual effects, which enables the student to study both in India & Canada.

“We are very honoured and happy that Vancouver Film School (VFS) have chosen us to partner with, as they are one of the leading schools in the world teaching Visual effects.” Pixelloid Studios, founder/creative director, Raj Potula. Besides being a commercially acclaimed studio, Pixelloid is also a unique production based training school.

VFS is Canada’s oldest and largest Film and Entertainment institution offering 13 world-class post-secondary programs spanning every aspect of the entertainment arts. VFS’s unique educational model balances theory and hands-on production so that, after just one year, students are prepared to launch their dream careers.

“VFS is glad to have Pixelloid as our Partner in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Pixelloid is one of the leading multimedia Institute in India, providing top quality education in 3D Animation and Visual effects. This will be a great opportunity for the students in Pixelloid who are interested to further explore Animation and Visual effects which leads them to reach their dream of working for top companies in the industries,” added Vancouver Film School, business development manager, Shiva Kumar Gurrodu.

VFS Faculty are established, award-winning professionals who work for best studios and students interact with this professional world during their year and have more doors open to them upon graduation where alumni have been honored at the Oscars and Emmys, have premiered at major international festivals, and work at top companies like Pixar, Lucasfilm and Blizzard – all as a result of professional-quality projects created at VFS. VFS has 8 campuses in Downtown Vancouver and a brand new campus in Shanghai, China.

“This partnership allows us to offer a very unique two year program to our students, where the first year is studied here in Pixelloid (India) and the final year will be completed at Vancouver Film School facility in Vancouver, Canada. This would enable the students to experience the best of both worlds, at a very reasonable cost and also open the door for them to explore multiple opportunities, either here or in Canada,” ended Pixelloid Studios, head of educational department, Ch. Chandrasekhar.