January 6-2020
Pixel Digital Studio appoints Govardhan Vigraham as Creative Head

Pixel Digital Studios recently welcomed Govardhan Vigraham as creative head.

With over twenty years of experience in the VFX industry, Vigraham will prove a valuable addition to the rapidly-evolving studio. Over the course of his career, Vigraham has been associated with VFX studios in various capacities across the AVGC landscape.

Speaking about his appointment at PixelDigital, he shared: “It’s a great opportunity. It’s a full-fledged

Govardhan Vigraham

facility and its made a good name over a period of time. It’s an opportunity for me to take the place further from what they already have achieved. It’s a very meaty role. The sort of thing that gives someone like me an opportunity because of the years that I have put in. I needed a facility that gives me the platform to bring out the best in me. I see a tremendous scope for a creative person like me as this facility houses various tools and services under one roof. With the number of platforms going up, the demand for VFX work has also risen tremendously. So we are gearing up for all that. Correspondingly, even the challenges have gone up. The market is in a flux and I am looking forward to play a role in enhancing the storytelling of this golden age.”

Having lent his VFX prowess and creative skills in big-ticket Bollywood projects like Skyfire. Fitoor, Rangoon, Haider, Cocktail, Mohanjodaro, Vigraham brings an impressive breadth of experience in the field of VFX filmcraft.

Primarily a post-production VFX studio, PixelDigital has made a name for itself for providing a variety of creative services across platforms.