December 29-2016
Microsoft might be adding a ‘gamemode’ to Windows 10 to enchance gaming performance

Gaming enthusiasts rejoiced when Windows 10 announced the features of its Creator’s Update as it had a lot for the gamers. While cross platform play was already available between Windows and Xbox, the update promises to strengthen the gaming front further. The new update is slated to bring new live streaming and tournament features.

While the update is yet to be released officially, a leaked version might have given away something which the gaming community would make the gamers revel.

As Twitter user WalkingCat found out, the new build up for Windows has a dll called “gamemode”. He further tweeted:

Basically, this mode would allow users to prioritise his / her system’s specs on a game over any other apps running in the PC, just like Xbox One does which runs on the same OS kernel as Windows 10 and already gives almost all of the CPU and GPU power to the games which are running.

This should provide users with a much better gaming experience as Microsoft pushes its gaming agenda further. It is however not clear as which of the games would be available under the “gamemode” umbrella or will there be exceptions to any apps while prioritising.

The ‘Creator’s update’ launches sometime in spring 2017, we’ll have to wait for it to know, unless it is officially revealed before that.