March 21-2018
Marvel release official trailer of ‘Cloak and Dagger’

In the long conveyor belt of Marvel comics that are translated onto the TV screens, the latest to pop out of the same is Cloak and Dagger, the official trailer of which the studios released earlier in the day.

Based on two teenagers Tyron Johnson, or Cloak, and Tandy Bowen, or Dagger, the story revolves around how the two got involved in a freak accident during their yesteryear that ended up gifting them contrasting superpowers, only for destiny to unite them several years later. The newly launched clip gives a further insight into the theory.

Probing how that fateful night connects the two youngsters supernaturally, it later cuts to their present days when Tyron and Tandy’s path converge at an elementary school, while they are completely unbeknownst about the past occurrences, initially. But fate brings them together through some difficult circumstances, by which they then realise their powers – ability to engulf darkness and emit daggers of light, respectively.

Opposite energies attract, says an old cliche. And it certainly plays a part here too as Tyron and Tandy are drawn close to each other romantically as well. But not everything’s rosy in the garden. This closeness actually drifts them further apart, as their superpowers don’t let them be in close confines of each other, even if their destinies are entwined.

Produced by Marvel Television, Cloak and Dagger comics is written by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan, and premiers on 7 June 2018 on Freeform.