April 25-2020
Marvel Comics furloughs staff by almost half starting 26 April

After Disney furloughed staff across divisions, the House of Mouse owned Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Comics, is now doing the same by cutting its editorial staff by half.

As Bleeding Cool reports, as a result of such furloughs, which is expected to be less than half, the affected staff that includes senior as well as junior staff, have been furloughed, rather than being completely laid off.

Beginning this Sunday, 26 April, during the furlough period, Marvel will continue to provide health insurance and intends to return the staff to work after the crisis is over. The furlough period for Disney staff as a whole began on 19 April.

During this period, staff are able to use accrued paid time off at this time instead and there is some federal unemployment assistance in the US. Marvel Comics has also put a number of titles on hold during the shutdown period. Unlike DC Comics, Marvel has chosen to not announce any alternative distribution plans. It has also suspended new digital comic book titles until that time as well and unlike DC has not chosen to issue new digital titles.