February 23-2019
Marshmello holds an in-game concert, garners over ten million audience

When Fortnite sets to host an EDM gig by celebrated DJ Marshmello inside Fortnite Battle Royale, it has to be the biggest event ever. The concert has witnessed by 10.7 million people according to Epic Games. It has topped the previous largest in-game event; back in November,  in which over eight million people had witnessed the destruction of a strange purple cube.

While previous jumps in player counts were easily attributed to the game expanding to new platforms — like the game hitting Android devices in August and then the Nintendo Switch in June — the latest record suggests that the developer’s continued engagement with players and willingness to step outside the bounds of traditional play is a big draw for the massive audience the game has built.

The success of Fortnite continues to grab eyeballs although a number of lawsuits from creatives who say Epic Games stole their various dance moves and monetized them in the game have surfaced in the recent past. The lawsuit remains open, though recent decisions in terms of copyright have created some hassle for the developers.

It’s also important to note that the 10.7 million number only includes those who experienced the concert in-game. If you factor in those who watched it live-streamed on Twitch and other platforms, the number will definitely be much larger, and the official recap of the event has nearly 27 million views on YouTube.

Nevertheless, we are loving it.