May 25-2019
‘League Of Legends Esports’ to debut premium viewing experience

League of Legends Esports has announced Pro View, a new premium viewing experience that will be available for the Summer Split of the LCS (League Championship Series) and LEC (League European Championship).

Pro View will allow fans to spectate the individual players of their choice during competitive League of Legends matches. Additional features within the Pro View Package include:

Multiview: Watch up to four synchronised streams (POV or main event) at once during live games and VODs
Advanced Timeline: Kills, tower takedowns and other big plays are marked right on the timeline, and clicking a marker jumps to that moment in the game
Watch With Friends: Share a personalised Pro View URL to synchronise your timeline with friends

“It represent our commitment to growing the viewing experience of our sport into a deeper and more engaging experience. “It is critical that as our sport grows, teams and players around the world share in our success,” said Esports Digital product manager Luke Cudney.

Pro View will be available for purchase for $14.99 (LCS), €14.99 (LEC), or $19.99 (LCS & LEC) through the official site of League of Legends Esports, the viewing destination built and operated by League of Legends publisher, Riot Games. Revenue from Pro View will be shared with partnered teams competing in the leagues.