May 31-2016
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival to be held from 25 to 30 October this year with ‘Landscape and Habitat’ theme

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival will take place from 25 until 30 October at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam. The extensive program will present feature films, compilation programs of animated shorts from all over the world, premieres, sneak previews, talks, installations, workshops, masterclasses, and more. On Sunday 30 October there will be special programs for children, with animated shorts and activities such as arts and crafts, and a drawing contest.

Special focus: Nature and landscapes

With the theme ‘Landscape and Habitat’, the festival puts the spotlight on animations that focus on landscapes and the way people relate to them. Films and special events about the relationship between man and his surroundings — sometimes harmonic, sometimes very dangerous — in an attempt to showcase the endless versatility of animation. Besides feature films, presentations and short film compilations, the theme will also be expressed through a special exhibition of animated paintings by a range of international artists. There will also be an interactive three-dimensional landscape which visitors can make evolve; this process will be recorded in a time-lapse video. A special cycling tour will take visitors to three locations in North Amsterdam, where they will watch a film that matches their surroundings.KILK

International competition

Heart of the festival’s program is the international competition for animated shorts. The event will also present choicest animated shorts from all over the world. These films will be competing for the ‘KLIK! Award’. Until 15 June 2016 animators can submit their work for the ninth edition of KLIK! Last year the festival received over 1800 entries from 80 countries.

Exclusive premiere of Sync

KLIK! will also premiere the documentary, Sync (2016). Filmmakers Joop van den Beucken and Bob van der Houven will explore the world of Dutch dubbing of animated films, in collaboration with the creators of the nostalgic online series Stemmen van Toen (Voices From the Past). Through interviews with voice actors, directors, translators, technicians and studio directors Sync will highlight the present and past of this creative industry, and its impact on the Dutch social landscape. After the screening there will be Q&A with the makers and/or actors.

The Powerpuff Girls: New episodes

In collaboration with Cartoon Network, KLIK! will also bring brand new episodes of the popular animated series The Powerpuff Girls. The series first aired in the 90s and has been revamped this year. After the screening there will be a Q&A with one of the makers.