December 2-2016
Indian MEAI delegates set business eyes over ATF 2016

Media & Entertainment Association of India (MEAI) has been aggressively pushing the Indian industry’s agenda and strengthening the brand India in the international circuit and is once again ready with a 10 member delegation to ATF (Asian TV Forum & Market), Singapore from 6 to 9 December 2016.

MEAI was formed by and for the Indian media and entertainment industry with the objective of promotion of the business of the M&E industry of India and to bring together the industry and promote business at a national level. It facilitates networking, promotes businesses through delegations and B2B meetings and marketing support to Indian IP promoters/developers.

It comprises of media houses, animation and VFX companies, apps and gaming companies, journos, education institutes – amongst the gamut of organisations it represents. With representations from various cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Pune, Mumbai, Indore, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mangalore and Chennai – to name a few, MEAI forms and plays an integral adhesive role for the industry.

MEAI has lead from the forefront by building delegations to major world content markets such as:

Hong Kong Filmart
Anime Japan
Children’s Media Conference, Sheffield, UK
Gwangju ACE Fair, Korea
MIPCOM, Cannes, France

On the back of its successful 12 member delegation to MIPCOM, MEAI is ready with a 10 member delegation to ATF. The delegation includes:

1. Appu Series
2. Astute Media
3. Bioscopewala Pictures
4. BOL
5. Cosmos-Maya
6. Inbuilt Creativity Animation Studio
7. Pencillati Studios
8. Wavewings Entertainment

Appu Series LogoAppu Series

With over a billion views on YouTube, Appu the three dotted Yogic Elephant mascot is a widely popular children’s content. Appu: the Yogic Elephant, Appu Series’s new CGI animated series in 4K ultra HD, premiered early this September on Turner Network in India. Appu: the Yogic Elephant is a show that is relevant to a vast demographic. Anybody over six years is bound to be entertained and educated.

At ATF, Appu Series is looking for distributors to reach out to wider territories. Appu Series is also looking for a licensor who can give all Appu fans an up close and personal experience with merchandise that best represents Appu.

Astute_logo_Astute Media

Astute Media Vision is a Mumbai based production house, established by producer, writer and director Pankaj Sharma. Astute Media Vision has indigenously produced wide range of award winning content ranging from live television series to tele-films and full length theatrical movies in 3D animation, 3D stereoscopy, live action CG and visual effects genres.

At ATF, Astute Media is looking for co-production / marketing partners overseas. Specifically, Astute Media have a portfolio of popular english nursery rhymes in 3D and a 90 mins live action VFX Hindi movie – Billu Gamer aimed at children and young adults (acquired in India by Turner) and are looking for distribution / syndication / licensing on all platforms for both content.

bioscopewala  LOGO in high resBioscopewala Pictures

After successfully producing and releasing Delhi Safari, a 3D stereoscopic animated feature, Bioscopewala Pictures (BSW) was set up by Nishith Takia. BSW Pictures is an integrated animation studio with a core focus on IP development, co-productions and service partnerships. India being one of the key players in the service industry, BSW has built a robust and dependable service pipeline.

BSW has successfully delivered shows like SheZow and Transformers a very demanding webisode series, to one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. In its endeavor to build strength and size, BSW also has a strong alliance with partner studios who have expertise in 2D Flash and 3D pipeline. Bioscopewala Pictures IP division is working on several TV series projects currently and has a strong 2D team in Pune and a growing 3D team in Mumbai.

At ATF, BSW is looking for new partnerships for productions and service.

Bol LogoBOL

BOL is one stop creative shop dealing in all formats of media production such as video, audio, digital, mobile and print across Indian and International languages. BOL team consists of experts from diverse fields of media production including TV, audio, digital, print, all under one banner and brings collectively over 20 years of experience and insights into the media production, creativity and the passion to excel in the most challenging jobs. BOL team is also expert in foreign language translation, subtitling and dubbing services.

At ATF, BOL is planning to meet TV channels, digital companies and production houses for their dubbing, sub titling and translation requirement in Indian as well as International languages.


Founded by internationally acclaimed Indian film-makers Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi, Cosmos-Maya boasts of over 10,000 minutes of original animated content comprising of over 500 half hour episodes currently on air and seven animation series under production. Market leader in original Indian animation content production, Cosmos-Maya focuses on creating animated content for the global markets and is presently working with all the leading kids’ content broadcasters including Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network and Discovery Kids in India.

Cosmos-Maya has also delivered high quality award winning animated content, VFX work and game cinematics for global leaders like BBC, Disney, Google, Electronic Arts among others with their work having fetched several awards including BAFTA, IFTA and Pulcinella Awards.

InbuiltCreativityInbuilt Creativity Animation Studio

Inbuilt Creativity is a full-fledged 3D animation studio headquartered in Mumbai, India covering everything from pre-production to post-production work. Working with local and international artists, Inbuilt Creativity runs the business with creative and artistic frame of mind, keeping up with the technology and with the vision to make entertaining 3D animation movies and TV series. Creative side of the studio is headed by Gurukesh Khopatkar who has past experience of working on on projects for BBC two, Cbeebies and Nissan. Whereas Manoj Kharatmol with over 7 years of experience looks after the content marketing.

As a fairly new studio, Inbuilt Creativity is primarily looking to network at ATF.  With the vision to expand the studio and create interesting content, Inbuilt Creativity will also be looking for co-producers / partners to build IPs together.


Pencillati is a fast growing art production studio based out of New Delhi. Founded in 2013, it is an interesting mix of AAA gaming and cell animation veterans, along with some of the best upcoming talent in India. Pencillati’s services range in game art (high quality, engine ready art assets for console and mobile games), concept development (animated TV shows, short films and feature films. Pencillati also specialises in crafting cinematic experiences) and animation content (concept art services range from pre-visualisation, art direction, storyboards, layouts, designing of characters, environments and UI).

At ATF, Pencillati is looking to make new relationships with animation producers from across the globe.

Wavewings Entertainment

Wavewings Entertainment is an animation and visual effects studio comprising of professional artists with years of experience in working on international projects from reputed clients like Disney, Warner Bros, Fox, Method Films, Marvel. It produces 2D animation, high-end 3D animation and VFX for global clients. In VFX, Wavewings works on roto-prep, Wire/Rig removal, chroma shots, match moving, and final compositing. Wavewings also has highly skilled VFX artists in match moving and comp and works on motion builder projects of cleaning mo-cap animation data, motion retargeting, TVCs, Music videos, etc.

At ATF, Wavewings is looking to offer their services for 2D animation / 3D animation / VFX for tele-series and movies.