December 13-2017
Here are the top mobile Bingo apps 

Mobile gaming is estimated to be responsible for around 40 per cent of the gaming market as a whole these days. This is mainly down to the development of apps and the improvements in terms of content and technology. Nowadays people play games to have fun, rather than to cure boredom and there’s nothing that people love more than playing games where they can win claim victories and win money. While the mobile gambling industry as a whole is a dominating force in the mobile landscape now, one of the most popular subsects is Mobile bingo for now due to its simplicity but which apps should you be downloading with so many varieties on offer?


Some people love the thrill of playing bingo without the risk of losing money. BINGO! is one of the most downloaded bingo apps on the planet and it boasts a variety of different game styles. From the traditional 90-ball bingo games to the more customised and advanced, there are over 20 different rooms to select from. You can even play BINGO! offline too which is great for those who are travelling about or find themselves stuck without an internet connection.

Bingo Blitz

Some people like bingo and some people like slot games, but the majority of people like both. Bingo Blitz tries to bring both elements together in this app. There are over 100 bingo rooms that allow players to not only play in the app; but due to its compatibility with Facebook, they can choose to play along with their friends too. In addition, there are plenty of slot games to have a go at as well, so there is little chance of anyone ever getting bored. .

mFortune Bingo

When it comes to mobile casino games for smartphones and tablets, mFortune have you covered. Back in 2014 they won the Best Mobile Bingo product award and they haven’t looked back since. They have plenty of offers for new players with 90 ball bingo available in 11 different rooms and boast the potential for mobile fans to get their hands on some real dough – including a whole heap of social competitions! So if you want award winning bingo, plenty of other custom slots and casino favourites and the ability to play bingo and slots at the same time, look no further than the mFortune mobile casino app.

Bingo by IGG

Bingo by IGG is another app in the market and holds an extremely high rating. What this bingo app does well is it strips away all of the unnecessary features and focuses primarily on its core product. There are tons of rooms to play in and when you get bored, just like Bingo Blitz, you can venture into the slot world too. There are also things to aim for such as collectibles and upgrades too which keeps many of its loyal players coming back for more!

Bingo Crush

Bingo Crush is new to the market but it’s already growing in popularity thanks to it being less bloated than many of its rivals. It’s a game solely focused on bingo and there are over 20 rooms to play in, as well as being collectibles and power ups. You can play against people from all over the world and just a few minutes exploring the app delivers a multitude of reasons why it seems so many people are rushing to download Bingo Crush.

Bingo Gem Rush

Bingo Gem Rush is really for bingo players looking for something a bit different, maybe a bit more excitement. You’re not sat waiting for the balls to be called, you’re racing to see who gets to the finish first. It’s a completely new spin on the original game and it’s this unique twist that makes it one of the best out there.

So whether you want traditional bingo or fancy a flourish on something a little unique, these apps will have you covered for many fun-filled months to come.