March 30-2015
Game Hack to become Pan Asia product from the next edition

Reliance Games powered Game Hack, saw its first edition successfully venture into six cities in India and  bring close to 700 game developers from these cities to demonstrate their games to jury members. The first edition will culminate at PGConnects Bangalore with the winner taking home Rs 10 lakhs.

Talking to Reliance Entertainment – Digital CEO Manish Agarwal explains the reason for introducing Game Hack and its way forward.

“For us, Game Hack is a very self enlightened interest. We wanted to discover good talented companies. It aims to present a platform for developers to network and meet each other. Secondly, a need of the developer is that they either want funding, incubation or a publisher. Somebody may want to work with a big company and may not be aware of what Reliance Games is doing. So this is an opportunity for us to showcase ourself. Most importantly, Game Hack acts as a feedback platform that is there an appreciation of his idea. As a developer, if I get a feedback and if the feedback is great, I can further get into the roadmap.”

On his plans to expand beyond India, Manish says, “Game Hack has opened up a huge platform to the local Indie developers. We are in talks to expand it to Southeast Asia next year. We have got like minded people to work with us and take it to a higher level. We are not just looking at Southeast Asia but create a mass property like a start up pitch; a gaming pitch where you are showcasing your game on TV or the internet medium for the world to see.”

Manish says that being in Mumbai, he is unable to discover the other potential companies out of the city. Game Hack and Pocket Gamer serve this purpose. “We are working from a format point of view by either incubating or co-developing or publishing and we are also open to equity investment,” he says.