June 13-2020
Filmmaker Feroz Abbas Khan creates and directs new animation series, ‘Adalat-e-Corona’

Feroz Abbas Khan

Noted theatre and film director Feroz Abbas Khan, of Mughal-e-Azam, the musical, and Gandhi My Father fame, has created and directed an animation series titled Adalat-e-Corona.

As the live-action production and shootings stand stalled owing to the pandemic and the lockdown that followed, animation as a medium is still kicking and saving the day. The series of videos of Adalat-e-Corona utilises  entertainment to convey impactful messages and educate people.

As per IANS report, Khan shared, “Due to the lockdown, we were pushed to explore the medium of animation. Adalat-e-Corona uses the familiar setting of a courtroom drama to disseminate key messages, tackle misinformation, and reinforce a sense of solidarity around the fight against COVID-19. We wanted the series to be accessible and relatable. To that end we used humour and situations people often find themselves in.”

The first video in the series addresses the issue of stigma and discrimination against healthcare workers. The animation series is mainly targeted to the Facebook audience in Hindi, and will address issues such as stigma, discrimination, precautions, wearing of masks, physical distancing, mental wellbeing and anxiety.

Khan is also a playwright, screenwriter and was the first artistic director of the Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai. In 1983 he was also the head of the Prithvi Theatre Festival along with Jennifer Kapoor and Akash Khurana.