May 6-2020
Fenil Comics runs Instagram quiz contests to keep readers engaged

With more than 200 countries infected with the coronavirus pandemic, many are facing major issues in their daily routine, many are sliding into depression, feeling lonely, scared and are definitely stressed. What makes it easy to survive in this situation is keeping oneself busy and occupied.

Following a hobby, watching good content, playing games are just a few of the many ideas to keep yourself busy. Comic readers are enjoying a good read with many books now available on digital platforms at a very cheaper rate.

Fenil Comics has come up with an exciting way to keep its readers engaged with everyday quiz contests. “In this period of lockdown, fans are reading Fenil Comics regularly  to find answers for this quiz competition. This will also keep them busy with reading,” said Fenil Comics founder Fenil Sherdiwala.

The publishing house is using Instagram as a platform to carry on these contests. Last week, the readers successfully completed contest one of the Fenil Comics Instagram quiz and also had a winner, who will be receiving exciting gifts from Fenil Comics after the lockdown period ends.

Everyday, a simple question regarding a character from Fenil Comics is asked in every contest. The first part focused on vigilante superhero Taskara, whereas, the second session was based on superhero Faulaad. Each session will consist of seven questions a week. Participants with maximum correct answers will be announced the winner.

Fenil Comics has been the creator behind many comic characters for its own publication. The many characters with important roles to play gave birth to Fenilverse. Sherdiwala boasts of about 32 characters in the Fenil Comics Universe.  It covers superheroes like Om, Faulaad, Bajrangi, Jasoos Balram, Crimefighter, Vetaal, Stunt Girl, Taskara to name a few. Super villains like Cobra, Professor Iron, Anna Golmaal, Mastermind, Sheru and Balwaan. Sidekicks like Fakira, Salim, Hussain Khan, Anthony, Manmauji also have a major role to play.

Bored at home? Try this amazing quiz contests. Maybe you can be the next lucky winner!