August 31-2016
DreamWorksTV set to launch a new cartoon ‘Get My Goat’

DreamWorksTV is set to launch a brand new animated series in September. The online video destination will launch the animated comedy series titled Get My Goat.

The series follows the tail of a dimwitted Gold Fang who is one hungry wolf who won’t be satisfied until he can sink his teeth into oh-so-juicy Billy the Goat. There’s only one problem – Billy’s best bud is Dutch, a clever herding dog who protects his flock of one against all of Gold Fang’s outrageous schemes. It doesn’t help that Gold Fang is not the sharpest pitchfork on the prairie. No matter how elaborate the plan, Gold Fang is always outsmarted by Dutch and inevitably left covered in bumps and bruises!

Reported by Animation Magazine, this comedic show will be created by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Mike Blum and Pipsqueak Films. The makers have chosen digital 2D animation to bring the story to life.

Blum had previously helped launch DreamWorksTV with his popular animated series Fifi: Cat Therapist, which received two nominations from the International Academy of Web Television Awards last year.