April 11-2020
Disney celebrates 25th anniversary of ‘A Goofy Movie’ with a virtual viewing party

The ’90s animated adventure, A Goofy Movie has become a classic in the two plus decades since it came out in 1995. It served as a big-screen spin-off of Disney’s hit animated series Goof Troop. The show saw Goofy as a single dad raising his mischievous son, Max. But when that show ended its run in 1993, Disney saw the potential in a movie centered on Goofy and Max’s relationship.

The movie was a moderate hit during its initial release, bringing in $35 million. It gained popularity when it hit video and inspired a sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie which was released direct-to-video in 2000.

The love for the movie has remained strong among Disney fans till today and hence the company was set to host a special On the Open Roadshow featuring the film, but due to ongoing global health concerns, that event was canceled. But a virtual viewing party to celebrate the film with never-before-heard stories from members of the film’s cast and creative team was held on 10 April.

The fans need not look further as Disney+ has that film, its sequel, and 78 episodes of Goof Troop available to watch right now. Moreover, several other classic Disney shorts and movies featuring Goofy are also included in the Disney+ library.