December 19-2018
Diamond Toons’ Tinga Dojo is the first ever IP in the world to lead through an experiential playzone

Diamond Toons, part of one of the largest publication house in India Diamond Group of Publications, has lately created a brand new character, Tinga Dojo. It is the first ever character IP in the world which would lead through an experiential playzone – Tingaland, going to be live soon.

Tingaland playzone will be the first licensee of the character Tinga Dojo. It is a new age character for preschool kids who are always curious and hyperactive to learn more, see more, read more, hear more and play more. As new age kids have absolutely new media consumption habits, Diamond Toons aims to establish an IP which would help the kids to grasp knowledge through experiential learning.

Rendered in green, the colour of nature, Tinga Dojo is a green superhero alien dog who arrives to save the planet Earth. He is not an average superhero dog but extraordinary in every way. He is a friendly alien dog, however he has no masters, he is actually the prince of Tingaland, a planet of adventure.

It is the fourth planet in Galaxy 9. People for all over the universe come to Tingaland for vacation and fun. Tinga Welcomes them and helps them have a good time. Galaxy 9 is also known for Planet Bo. Various evil creatures live on this planet and want take over Tingaland from Tinga Dojo. He has many friends from across the galaxy including some kids from earth. Tinga has been on many adventures to help his friends across the galaxy.

Launching this new character, Diamond Toons director Manish Verma mentioned, The playzone Tingaland is a world in itself with its own rules, passport and currency, where the kids can experience this real time character. We aim to reach the mind of today’s tech savvy kids through this unwired place where they will burn their energy along with learning. The character will deepen its footprint leading into other new categories as well. Amid surging growth in digital mediums, we aim to take this character to licensed mobile apps, gaming, animation for OTT and so on. We are also introducing Tinga Dojo, to lure the kids through conventional mediums like engaging tales of adventure, creating unique content with storytelling, merchandise like t-shirts, school bags, stationary, face masks, stickers, name labels and others. We will soon introduce first ever in India, the concept of mobile birthdays or mobile party squads – Tinga Go, the party place on the go. Our overall strategy will be to cover the new age media moving on to conventional mediums.”