September 21-2015
Davinci Media College – Chennai collaborates with Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) in Vancouver, Canada

Davinci Media College, Chennai which has a fantastic track record in Animation, VFX and Digital Post- Production training, is partnering with Vancouver, Canada based VanArts for higher education for its students.

While many studios in India are doing a great job, a good amount of high-end work goes to places like Hollywood and Vancouver, Canada. ‘Definitely there is a scope for improvement in the Indian VFX and Animation talent. To fill the gap, we have partnered with VanArts which was rated in 2014 as the 6th best school in the world for training in VFX and Animation’ says Arul Moorthy, who is the founder of Davinci Media College. The college has 30 years of professional experience in the Film and Television industry in Animation, VFX and the Digital Cinema segment. The collaboration is done with a 2-year program of study where students will be doing their first year at Davinci Media College, while they will complete the second year at VanArts.

There are many advantages for the students of this 2-year program. Considering that the Indian education system is not providing many basics for the the art and visual medium, Davinci will prepare the students for a long-term career growth by providing strong fundamentals such as Drawing, Painting, Photography, stop-motion animation, as well as 3D animation, Compositing and Digital painting software. They will also undergo some component of acting for animation, Green Screen shooting practices, all of which will prepare them for a successful entry to VanArts, where a good student reel is required for entry into their study programs. At VanArts, students can specialize in Animation, Visual Effects or Game Art & Design plus have the option for continued study with one of their university partners to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“We are excited by this educational collaboration with Davinci Media College” says Alan Phillips, President of VanArts. After their students receive solid, foundational art skills, they can specialize during their second year of study at VanArts in 3D animation, VFX or Game Art & Design. After completing the 2-year study program, the graduates will be highly ready to enter these booming, creative industries.

Apart from the training aspect, Davinci will also prepare the students for spoken English, and help the students with the study permit process by referring them to certified visa consultants. Students will be able to work part-time in Vancouver during their year of study at VanArts. This will allow them to get their roots in the Canadian job market quickly. “We have elevated a lot of boys and girls to find suitable positions in the industry, where some are working in places like Vancouver. We are very excited to partner with VanArts, as I have known them for their quality instruction for a long time’, says Arul Moorthy, who used to live in Vancouver, Canada.

About Davinci Media College:

Davinci Media College, has been training students for the past 10 years. With it’s unique methodology, Professionals as Trainers,  Real Project opportunity for students while studying gives them a unique positioning in the training market in India. With it’s continuous R & D for creating cutting edge solutions for the local industry, students get to gain the updated knowledge that will help them to enter the job market easily.

Davinci Media College, is offering courses in Degree – Diploma – Certificate formats in: 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Professional Editing, Digital Cinema, Film Direction, Game art.

Its quality is well known in the industry, where the students have been taken in to VFX studios, Television Channels due to their Job-Ready preparedness as they are completing their course.

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About VanArts:

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) was founded in 1995 and offers one-year diplomas (12 months) in the following program areas:

  • 2D & 3D Character Animation
  • Acting for Film & Television
  • Broadcasting for Radio & Television
  • Digital Photography
  • Game Art & Design
  • Visual Effects for Film & Television
  • Web Development & Interactive Design

Graduates from VanArts are everywhere in the media arts industries! They have earned credits on hundreds of feature films, television series and video games, started their own studios, sustained successful freelance careers and won international awards for their achievements.

VanArts has articulation agreements with universities in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where our graduates can complete an undergraduate degree in as little as one to two more years of study. This can give our students the advantage of two credentials-a professional diploma and an undergraduate degree.

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