Overwatch League  has been rescheduled for March and April, and it eliminates the need for teams to travel because it will be going to have an online tournament.For the next month-and-a-half, the league's clubs will only compete online against opponents in the same geographic region as they reside. The new schedule aims to eliminate the need for travel and minimize latency issues by matching up teams in similar regions. Blizzard said the new schedule is "designed to maximize fairness between teams, factoring in the total amount of matches played each week," but Pacific Conferences teams will "generally" play more frequently than teams in the Atlantic Conference, so that all teams will be caught up to the number of matches they had been scheduled to play by the season midpoint.

"The original 2020 schedule was balanced so that teams would play twice against teams in their own conference (18 of 28 matches) and once against the other conference (10 of 28 matches). With teams playing by regional location, the schedule can no longer adhere to that breakdown," Blizzard explained