June 18-2020
Centroid India resumes operations at Famous Studios

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, many post production services had to pivot to a work from home format owing to the pandemic situation and social distancing norms. With remote workstations and cloud services, many studios have been working towards full adaptability. Recently the phased lifting of lockdown spelled a sigh of relief for many services.

Centroid Motion Capture India announced that they have resumed their operations at Famous Studios (Mumbai) for Performance Capture and Virtual Production Services.

Centroid Director Parth Shah shared, “Finally after 3 months of lockdown, it feels so good to return on our Centroid India stage and immediately kicking off with exciting projects! IMPORTANT – Safety of Crew and Clients are first priority and therefore we have taken all COVID-19 safety measurements shared by government to ensure safety shoot environment.”

Preceding the reopening of the studio, Centroid Motion Capture of India had recently launched a webinar explaining the ways in which production houses and content creators can avail their services with a surprise discount at the end of the session.

He explained in the webinar: “Centroid provides extensive services for in-studio and on-set motion capture shoots utilising optical and inertial motion capture. With a production stage in UK and Mumbai where UK stage is said to be the largest motion capture volume in Europe, Centroid is loaded with a medium-size cleanup and tracking team in Centroid Serbia. After the MoCap production is done, clients are provided with Centroid’s proprietary software for data selection called Trimmer.”

He further stated, “Then the ‘selects’ are cleaned up and tracked by Centroid Serbia team who pass the data over to UK for the retargeting stage. Since all studios are so well-connected, we are able to produce large amounts of MoCap data in a short space of time.”

Apart from that, Shah also answered a flurry of curious questions by the viewers with regards to the mocap technology and its myriad applications.