May 30-2016
‘The Angry Birds Movie’ earns $223 million worldwide with $1.076 million from India

Sling shot the bird and you gain a point! If you have been glued to our mobile phone playing the Angry Birds game, probably you, might have witnessed the recent movie on the big screen too. The movie has performed average as it earned $223 million globally till date by collecting $66.35 million domestically (North America) and $157.20 at the foreign box office. This collection is more than twice its production budget of $73 million.

The Angry Birds Movie, which released on May 20, 2016 in the US earned $11 million on its opening day amounting to a total of $38.2 million in its opening weekend. Thus, it marked the third biggest Sony animated opening of all time, behind Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2.

The Angry Birds Movie 1

While in India, the movie released on 27 May, 2016 and collected an amount of $0.325 million on the first day itself. On the next day Saturday, the movie witnessed a slight rise in its business and earned $0.361 million. On Sunday, it earned $0.391 million thus leading to a total collection of $1.076 million across India.

Also, at the China box office, The Angry Birds Movie earned $13.5 million in its second weekend for a $52 million total after 10 days of its release on 20 May, 2016.

Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass has earned $93 million worldwide with $28 million domestically and $65 million at the foreign box office. However, audiences in India have preferred to watch Angry Birds over the Alice fantasy. The game movie seems to be a family packed entertainment for families with kids as well while, Alice is more of a visually enthralling story for a mature audience.