February 17-2016
After Deadpool, 20th Century Fox plans to launch a R rated Wolverine

He came. He saw. He conquered. That’s what the R rated movie Deadpool recently accomplished. There have been R rated movies earlier but they haven’t been able to capture the hearts of the audiences to the extent Deadpool has. Deadpool’s $132 million opening has been the biggest opening that any R rated film has received and with this kind of response, the movie might have opened doors for other R rated films as well.

20th Century Fox revealed at Toy Fair 2016 that they would be targeting an R-rating for Hugh Jackman’s final run as Wolverine next year. The news comes from a pamphlet or catalog Fox supposedly handed out to guests at their Toy Fair presentation that an imgur user posted online. The logo for Wolverine 3 is featured above the theatrical release date which is 3 March, 2017 along with the home entertainment release date, and anticipated MPAA rating.

This doesn’t mean that it’s confirmed the movie will be R rated. It’s just anticipated that it will get R rating. Since till date all the X Men movies including Wolverine fell under the PG-13 category, it would be a surprise for the fans if the sequel will get rated as R. At the same time, though Deadpool had a successful release that doesn’t mean all R rated superhero films will work out. 20th Century Fox will have to have a strategic planning in terms of promotion, marketing and portraying this anti hero in his true character, if they decide to make the film R rated.

The Wolverine sequel is set to release on 3 March, 2017 and will be Hugh Jackman’s last.
Wolverine 3