June 18-2020
Abhijeet Kini to bond together father and kids with a comic workshop on Father’s Day

The current situation is quite gloomy and strange, and it is quite obvious for our mental status to be hampered. Of course, the times are difficult and it becomes hard to keep yourself cheerful always, but that’s the best one can do. Staying positive and happy gives you the required boost to pass on the day. The months are passing by, with every festival, days and occasions celebrated at home without outings or parties. But, there are various ways to celebrate with your loved ones at home too. 

The coming Sunday is Father’s Day and to make the day bright and cheerful, Abhijeet Kini Studios founder Abhijeet Kini is organising a virtual comic workshop, open to all, with no age limit. Young parents, old parents, young kids and old kids can join in!

The idea is to have fathers and kids team up, and even mothers and kids team up, to make some fun comics. There will be discussions about themes, tips and tricks to draw the comics. Kini thinks the ‘teaming up’ will be good fun to experience! “We want people to bond over something creative in these gloomy times, and we thought having a father’s day special workshop would be nice,” he mentioned.

Being a Father’s Day special workshop, we asked Kini of his fond memories with his father and he, being a comic artist, just had a perfect memory to share with us all. “In my childhood days, we used to go to Khar market every Sunday, either to buy groceries or veggies. Dad used to take me to an old paper mart which had a treasure trove of comics, and that’s where I started picking up my earliest MAD mags, superman, and many more comics. I really used to look forward to those trips. Even today, whenever we drive down that particular junction in the market (that shop has shut down long ago), he and I reminisce about those times,” said he.

Creative heads out there, surprise your father this year with an exciting workshop with Kini. What better than art, to bond together and create something special. And also, as Kini said, “Creativity can bring about a big boost in moods! I urge people to delve into some sort of creative activity in this lockdown, and with these workshops, I am trying to give them a window to see it.”

The workshop will be held for around 60 minutes, on Zoom. Interested enthusiasts can register on Insider.