February 6-2017
9 Story secures digital sales for animated short series ‘Sweet Tweets’

9 Story announced that it has secured several deals with digital platforms for the animated shorts series, Sweet Tweets (32 x 2 to 3 min). Produced by YetiLABS, a division of Kelowna based animation studio, Yeti Farm Creative, the series is aimed at babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and features engaging nursery rhymes and original songs.

The series of shorts premiered on YouTube as a digital-first property and has recently been picked up by several digital platforms including Toon Goggles (USA), Curious World (worldwide), Homer (worldwide) and Future Today (worldwide). The series has been previously licensed to Knowledge Network (Canada) and BBC Canada.

Sweet Tweets is a delightful series, featuring a chirping cast of adorable birds and backyard friends. Get whisked away with Momma Tweet, Poppa Sweet and their family full of Tweetle Bums, to a whimsical world bursting with wonderful stories and incredibly catchy songs for kids.

Yeti Farm Creative and its digital-first animation production and distribution company YetiLABS are located in the burgeoning tech district of Kelowna, B.C. The studio is co-founded and run by husband and wife team, Todd (creative) and Ashley (business) Ramsay, and operates from a new, 7,000 sq. ft., open concept, state-of-the-art, dark fibre, geothermal studio space. The couple is focused on taking the world by storm – creatively and digitally.

Sweet Tweets