October 15-2019
‘100% Wolf – Legend of the Moonstone’ grabs the top spot among the most-screened series at MIPJunior

Studio 100 Media announced that the brand- new CGI animation series 100% Wolf – Legend of the Moonstone has hit the number One spot as the most-screened series’ at this year’s MIPJunior.

The comedy-adventure series tells the story of Freddy Lupin a werewolf with a difference! He is heir to a proud family line of werewolves and was in shock when on his 13th birthday his first “warfing” went awry, turning him into a ferocious… poodle. Now enrolled in the prestigious Howlington Academy, Freddy must prove that he still has the heart of a werewolf!











So what if he’s a poodle? Freddy Lupin knows he’s got what it takes to win a place in the elite Night Patrol. All he’s got to do is graduate from the prestigious Howlington Academy, prove he can do anything the other wolves can and keep his pink fluffy butt out of trouble. Freddy’s off to a rough start when he makes an enemy of schoolmate Ivan Beowolf, a boy from a powerful, rival werewolf family. If that wasn’t enough, someone has stolen the sacred moonstone and is unleashing increasingly weird and dangerous animal hybrids on the town! 

Studio 100 Media CEO Martin Krieger says, “What makes 100% Wolf – Legend of the Moonstone special is its hilarious and dramatic concept about a boy trying to find his way in a challenging world – one in which he is an outsider. He is a pink poodle in a world of werewolves. This guarantees a lot of laugh-out-loud humor – not leaving out the difficulties our hero Freddy has. That makes ‘100% Wolf’ a unique action-adventure best friend comedy with a very distinctive main character and a strong message with high social relevance: Heroes come in many forms! We are thrilled with the response from this year’s screening and look forward to ‘100 per cent Wolf’ being a ‘howling’ hit with kids worldwide.”