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philmCGI chieftain walks us through the VFX process of ‘Sacred Games 2’
5:30 pm PDT 04/09/2019 By Parth Kaushik

Whether it is Sartaj Singh (played by Saif Ali Khan) sprinting through dingy streets in the rainy night, firing bullets Walther PPK-style or the criminals vigorously trying to wade through bullets and explosions to escape arrest, the Netflix special Sacred Games has had us under its spell with its stunning imagery. With superlative storytelling and equally brilliant VFX game, Sacred Games 2 emerged as India’s crème de la crème in the slate of homegrown content. A thrilling piece of storytelling in the whodunit crime genre presupposes a … Read More

Fluiidmask drives up the VFX quotient, one story at a time
7:00 pm PDT 07/08/2019 By Parth Kaushik

Fluiidmask recently came off the back of a very busy schedule, dishing out a ton of VFX shots for major Bollywood features over the last couple of months and they are already sprinkling their VFX magic into new projects including OTT platform features. Having bagged good projects under its name, Fluiidmask is progressively emerging as one of the most favoured post-production service providers in the visual effects sphere of filmmaking. Animation Xpress caught up with Fluiidmask’s sr. VFX supervisor Prashant Thakur … Read More

‘The Lion King’ experimental VFX proves what can be done with CG animation!
7:00 pm PDT 01/08/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Disney’s live-action remake The Lion King has remarkably scored glorifying in numbers at the global box office as it officially transcended $1 billion mark. From the creation of the fantasy land Pride Rock to the creation of the characters, music, background score, the bond of father Mufasa and son Simba and the presentation of the circle of life with simplicity has kept the visual grandeur of the movie shining in the midst of box office. To show such diversity on … Read More

‘2.0’ and ‘Baahubali’ fame VFX veteran Shrinivas Mohan joins Oscars
6:00 pm PDT 03/07/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

The Oscars Awards are known as one of the most significant events of World Cinema, as fans of cinema wait with anticipation to see the winners. Keeping in mind the recent criticism, The Academy has decided to diversify its approach in selecting jury members. Happy to share the news, I am now a member of the @TheAcademy https://t.co/rsIgcSAcPn — srinivas mohan Vfx (@srinivas_mohan) July 2, 2019 The recent addition from India, more accurately Tamil cinema is Srinivas Mohan, the visual effects supervisor of big-budget sagas like director Shankar’s … Read More

MPC I choose you: How they breathed life into our beloved Pokémon
6:00 pm PDT 20/06/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Directed by Rob Letterman with a budget of $150, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu has crossed box office worldwide total of $421.8 million.  MPC Film was the lead VFX studio for the VFX of the urban fantasy mystery film. In an interaction with Animation Xpress Pokémon: Detective Pikachu VFX supervisors Pete Dionne  expressed  that he officially joined the team on Pokémon: Detective Pikachu after few months into pre-production, and this  film was on his radar from the very beginning because of his past … Read More

‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’: VFX fuses aesthetically glossed character design and mythology
6:00 pm PDT 17/06/2019 By Poonam Mondal

It can’t just look like big dinosaurs. Jurassic Park has that covered. These have to be distinct. They have to be their own thing. They’re Titans. -Michael Dougherty Directed by Michael Dougherty and written by Dougherty, Zach Shields, and Max Borenstein with budget $170–200 million, Godzilla: King of the Monsters has crossed $339.5 million worldwide. Setting the VFX scenario on a whole new level, the monster movie from the Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ takes the viewers for an adventurous ride into the history of Titans through … Read More

Indian VFX studio ‘Labyrinth Cinematic Solutions’ plays a key role in the VFX of latest Hollywood flick ‘John Wick 3’.
4:00 pm PDT 17/06/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

The John Wick franchise has earned a cult following over the years owing to its power-packed VFX-rich action and thrill. Even before the release of the movie, social media had been set awhirl with the leaked footage of Keanu Reeves firing bullets while riding horseback on the sets of John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum. The movie managed to dethrone Avengers Endgame with 57 million dollars, surpassing the box office numbers. A franchise like John Wick automatically presupposes a great … Read More

Axis Studios delivers thousand VFX shots on the second season of the Netflix show ‘Happy’
5:00 pm PDT 12/06/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

UK-based animation and visual effects studio Axis Studio has delivered 1,000 shots across ten episodes on the second series of the UCP-produced SYFY and Netflix original show, Happy! which recently premiered in the UK. Based on Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel, Happy! follows alcoholic ex-cop turned hitman Nick Sax (portrayed by Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s Christopher Meloni) who teams up with imaginary unicorn Happy (voiced by stand-up comic & Secret Life of Pets 2’s Patton Oswalt). In … Read More

#FeatureFriday: Content, VFX and challenges!
7:00 pm PDT 07/06/2019 By Poonam Mondal

The age of investing countless hours in adjusting claymation models are almost gone as modern computing VFX technology has overlapped it. Today VFX plays the key role in amplifying the visuals in content. But when the audience watches the final project it is just that seamless amalgamation of storytelling with the aid of VFX. Over the years VFX studios from India and abroad have explored different avenues to create content which is out of the box. In creating such content the … Read More

How Framestore and Duncan Studio created the imagery in ‘Mary Poppins’
7:00 pm PDT 25/05/2019 By Parth Kaushik

Creating the imagery that would rhyme with Disney’s old classic movie Mary Poppins Returns was a mammoth task that director Rob Marshal realised very well. With the advancements of modern times yet the slant of 1930’s London, Mary Poppins VFX was created by the joint effort of two studios; Framestore and Duncan Studio as it was a rare amalgamation of 2D, 3D and live-action elements in a single frame. Speaking about the processes deployed to recreate the classic, Framestore CG … Read More

Game of Thrones latest episode sets the VFX bells tolling
6:30 pm PDT 14/05/2019 By Parth Kaushik

The first scene of the episode opens on a gloomy and vengeful dragon queen clearly angry about Jon’s true parentage being blurted by the ones she had sworn to secrecy and she least expected to betray. Having lost two of her dragons, most of the Dothraki Army, learnt Jon’s lineage and seen the capitation of Missandae’s head at the hands of Cersei, she is beyond gutted and furious. As Danny learns about her hand and her confidante betraying her trust … Read More

‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ trailer hints at the dark intentions of the horned fairy
3:30 pm PDT 14/05/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

Disney’s one of the most iconic villains is back! Disney has dropped the first trailer for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil which finds the flying sorceress Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) teaming up with Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) again. Disney announced that the sequel to Maleficent will be included in its hefty 2019 live-action line-up in early March. The first movie was a dark take on the tale of Sleeping Beauty, from the villain’s point of view with a twist. The trailer of … Read More