Atomic Fiction Joins Method Studios to offer VFX solutions under one roof
5:30 pm PDT 19/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Method Studios has recently acquired Atomic Fiction to synergise strong assets of both the studios which will help to offer VFX solutions under a single roof. Method Studios which is under Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, is well known for its production and post-production works namely Deadpool 2, Ant-man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War and many more. The news of this acquisition planning was disclosed earlier in Q2. They have further explained the reason behind the strategic acquisitio, i.e. to enable the combined … Read More

Samsung preps to launch new J series smart phone to beat Xaomi in Q3
7:00 pm PDT 17/09/2018 By Poonam Mondal

As the race for the new launch of mobile phones has touched the sky over the years, the craze for using new smart phones among Indians has continued. Recently, smart phone giant Samsung India has disclosed its plan to bring up two new mobile phones of J series in India in its official twitter post. The mid range of the Samsung smart phones has been the most popular ones in India considering the hi-tech specification and the affordability. Especially the smartphones … Read More

The VOID partners with Disney and Marvel to create hyper-reality experiences
4:30 pm PDT 14/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

The VOID has partnered with ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division, to develop a slate of five new experiences based on material from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Marvel Studios. The VOID is an entertainment company that uses a mix of virtual reality, augmented reality and sensory elements like wind and temperature to create interactive experiences. The company also revealed that the first experience, which will debut this fall, will be based on the upcoming Disney animated movie, Ralph Breaks The Internet. … Read More

Perp games to launch 3rd Eye Studio’s ‘Downward Spiral: Horus Station’
3:30 pm PDT 12/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

A new gaming publisher Perp Games to launch 3rd Eye Studios single and multiplayer zero-gravity shooter, Downward Spiral: Horus Station in 2018. Downward Spiral: Horus Station will be available for PlayStation VR at retail in 2018. The game is supposed to have a unique control movement, where players will not only be able to float around the environment, but also propel forward and use tools to explore the deepest recesses of the space. Not only that Downward Spiral: Horus Station also offers a rare multiplayer … Read More

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform to support next-generation smartwatches
5:30 pm PDT 11/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Qualcomm invents technologies that transform how the world connects, computes and communicates. When they connected the phone to the internet, the mobile revolution was born. As they lead the world to 5G, the envision this next big change in cellular technology spurring a new era of intelligent, connected devices and enabling new opportunities in connected cars, remote delivery of health care services, and the IoT — including smart cities, smart homes, and wearable technology. The brand launched the next generation … Read More

Students unveil AR social networking app ‘BeyondPass AR’
2:00 pm PDT 11/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

AR is a rising technology and it’s very important for the vision of the future of computing. Apple has bought some small businesses that are working on AR and these steps have the tech community waiting for the long-rumored AR glasses. ThingoTeam, a group created by students in the UK have launched iOS supported social networking app BeyondPass AR. BeyondPass AR wants to play a significant role in the paradigm shift toward Augmented Reality. BeyondPass AR complements empty spaces in reality with virtual objects … Read More

Guest Column | How wearable technologies/convertibles are utilised in the retail industry- Parveez Nasyam
6:30 pm PDT 10/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Picture this, it’s a Monday, the traffic is about to get to you, you are in a three-piece suit, there are no cabs available in your vicinity and you haven’t even left for work yet. The 9 am meeting is very important and the client is considered extremely valuable. This is what will happen, your smartphone receives the update about the availability of cabs in your area, your smartwatch gets a notification to suggest you to take your bicycle out, as you haven’t … Read More

82 per cent companies implementing AR/VR technologies to enhance business: Capgemini
5:00 pm PDT 08/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Capgemini Research Institute recently published a research on Augmented and Virtual Reality in Operations: A guide for investment .It has found that 82 per cent of companies currently implementing AR/VR technologies to enhance their business operations. However, a shortage of in-house expertise and insufficient back-end infrastructures are significant barriers to growth. The report, which surveyed more than 700 executives in the automotive, manufacturing and utilities sectors, with considerable knowledge of their organisation’s AR/VR initiatives, found that 50 per cent of enterprises currently not … Read More

‘VRcade PowerPlay’ and AMP creates an esport solution for LBE operators
12:30 pm PDT 06/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

VRstudios, provider of commercial, large-scale, free-roaming, multiplayer VR solutions for location-based entertainment (LBE) businesses, launched additional configurations of its VRcade PowerPlay esports product brand. Following the release of its flagship VRcade Arena for eight players, PowerPlay is now available for smaller arenas supporting match play between two to six players. It is available as a turn-key solution and a new attraction for existing OptiTrack-based arenas. PowerPlay is powered by AMP, the VRcade attraction management platform, which centralises integration of system … Read More

Social gaming app ‘Spottie’ to encourage real-time face-to-face interaction
12:00 pm PDT 05/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Gaming apps are one of the other ways available on internet for virtual interaction. In gaming apps, one can chat with the co-players over pop up chat box, who remain strangers forever. With, technology advancement one can bid adieu to those chat interactions with strangers and commence a real life face to face interaction instead. Houstan based start-up company Iinsha apps has developed and launched Spottie app that will guide in person-to-person socialisation. In this digital era, “Spottie takes advantage … Read More

AR/VR Global Summit to commence from 21 Sept
2:00 pm PDT 04/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

The AR/VR Association (VRAAR) to commence their first annual Global Summit at PARQ in Vancouver, Canada on 21 and 22, September 2018 . The VR/AR Global Summit will bring together world leaders like Intel, HTC Vive, Microsoft, Amazon, HP and others in the space of VR/AR/MR/XR to discuss the present and future of immersive technologies. The event will feature two full days of talks, panels, workshops, investor events, pitch-fest and demos that cover the entire immersive industry, including both commercial … Read More

Bublar to introduce Hello Kitty in AR gaming world
2:00 pm PDT 03/09/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

The Swedish game studio Bublar Group AB and Sanrio GmbH have tied to develop an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game around Hello Kitty. The game will also include Sanrio’s characters like Little Twin Stars, My Melody and Gudetama. Scheduled 2019, the game will be published by Bublar with an introduction of new mobile technology which will allow fans to create and share small gifts in a virtual world.    “We are looking forward to bringing the beloved Hello Kitty and a variety of other Sanrio characters to the … Read More