Here are the much anticipated games for the year 2020
7:00 pm PDT 17/12/2019 By Poonam Mondal

It’s Christmas vibe all around! Post 15 December everyone up  is looking forward to Christmas and waiting to sleigh through the gates of New Year.  Naturally, everyone is hatching a variety of plans to celebrate the brand new year. And the gaming community is no exception.  As we are on the cusp of a change, the gaming studios have already begun rolling out the games for the year 2020. Here are the few games  which we have listed to launch in … Read More

Holy Cow Productions’ ‘Mystic Pillars’ will launch in Android and PC by January
7:30 pm PDT 16/12/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Bangalore based Holy Cow productions is aiming  to launch their game Mystic Pillars on PC by January 2020 and on android pretty soon. The game is already available to play on iOS Premium ($3.99 Tier) and has received 4.7 rating already at the apple store. The game is set in Ancient India which has an original blend of intriguing puzzles and an immersive storyline as the USP. In conversation with AnimationXpress Holy Cow Productions director of game development Goutham Dindukurthi … Read More

Global Esports drops their ‘Dota 2’ roster, cites declining viewership as one of the reasons
1:00 pm PDT 16/12/2019 By Krishanu Ghosal

Esports in India has been on the rise in the past couple of years. With renowned brands and globally successful esports franchises coming into the country, quite some titles were explored and Indian enthusiasts showed interest. However, things are taking a turn in a different direction it seems as one of India’s rather known esports brand is dropping its Dota 2 roster. While PUBG Mobile has recently picked up the pace for esports in the country, Dota 2 seems to be … Read More

ESL India announce teams for the Winter Split Masters League 2019 with prize pool of Rs1.1 crore
10:30 am PDT 16/12/2019 By Poonam Mondal

ESL India has  announced the ESL India premiership  Winter Split Masters League for CS:GO, Brawl Stars, DOTA 2 and Clash Royale. It is India’s  longest running esports league  and this time it is back with a massive price pool of  Rs 1.1 crore. This year OMEN, Hyperx, Hotstar, Nodwin Gaming  have partnered with the ESLWinter Split Masters League  tournament. The official instagram, facebook and twitter post of ESL India have revealed the  teams who will be partcipating in the tournament . The players who … Read More

Here are the major announcements from The Game Awards 2019
7:00 pm PDT 14/12/2019 By Poonam Mondal

The 48hrs gaming event The Game Awards  finally ended with all the new reveals and announcements of the gaming world . The Game Awards gave the gaming industry an opportunity to transcend beyond borders and showcase new games reveals and technology on a global stage. In addition to that there were a few surprises. It witnessed a massive reveal of the next Xbox  the Xbox Series X along with the very first PlayStation 5 title. On top of that, there … Read More

So, what’s going on with “Raji: An Ancient Epic” and Nodding Heads Games?
3:00 pm PDT 09/12/2019 By Krishanu Ghosal

India is largely known for its mobile gaming ecosystem. Averaging heavy downloads over both Android and iOS, Indian gaming studios are largely focusing the burgeoning market. However there are some developers who, despite of odds, have been focused on creating world-class games for PC and Console. Nodding Heads Games have been working on their upcoming title, Raji: An ancient Epic for a while now. The game went live for a Kickstarter campaign in 2017, however it did not receive good enough … Read More

#FeatureFriday: Growth story of Indian mobile gaming and gaming startups 2019
7:30 pm PDT 06/12/2019 By Poonam Mondal

The rise of mobile gaming in India has paved the way for startups that are disrupting the country’s gaming industry. Over the last couple of years, the mobile gaming industry has witnessed major growth in terms of the new games being created, profit and the shift of public interest on the side of gaming. We can’t deny the fact that behind the growth story of the mobile gaming industry and mobile gaming start-ups, digital revolution has been the primary contributor. … Read More

Game Designers Network India to announce this year’s GDC scholarship winner in a few days!
6:30 pm PDT 06/12/2019 By Krishanu Ghosal

The San Francisco Game Developers Conference is possibly the biggest convergence of all things gaming. Individuals and companies from all the sub sectors of the gaming industry eagerly await this event which provides valuable knowledge sharing sessions, new releases, networking opportunities and all the updates the industry has to offer from across the globe. While the event is thronged by game developers and enthusiasts around the world, the somewhat steep pricing deters a lot of Indian studios from attending the … Read More

“Nations Cup” by SEPC and ESFI saw participation from eight countries
6:30 pm PDT 05/12/2019 By Krishanu Ghosal

The “Nations Cup” concluded with Kyrgyzstan taking home the trophy, India and Maldives were placed second and third respectively. The esports event was presented by Service Export Promotion Council (SEPC) in association with Electronic Sports Federation of India (ESFI) from 26 to 28 November, 2019 at Global Exhibition on Services (GES) 2019 at historical Palace Grounds in Bengaluru. It is India’s first esports championship under the aegis of a Government body. “Nations Cup” had esports athletes from eight National Esports … Read More

Hyderabad: India’s new animation hub
7:30 pm PDT 03/12/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Are you hungry for Indian animated fresh content? Today the animation industry is betting big with all other businesses in media and entertainment sector in terms of profit, creativity and uniqueness. Among all other cities including Hyderabad being being at the forefront is aiming to become the hub. In recent years Hyderabad has witnessed tremendous growth and dynamism in the animation sector in the last few years and has far outperformed in all other sectors. Ernst & Young advisory services partner … Read More

10 game releases to look out for in December
6:30 pm PDT 29/11/2019 By Poonam Mondal

It might be the end of year but it is not yet for the gaming community because there are many more new launches to look ahead.Here are some of the game releases which we are looking forward. Phoenix point: The game is a strategy video game featuring a turn-based tactics system that is being developed by Bulgaria-based independent developer Snapshot GamesPhoenix Point puts the player in the midst of a desperate fight to take back the earth from a mutating, alien menace. … Read More

Nazara to invest USD 20 million in startups in 2020
3:30 pm PDT 22/11/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

Nazara Technologies, India’s leading interactive gaming and sports media company, has announced today about its acceleration of investments and commitments of up to USD 20 Million in startups in India, Africa and Middle East in 2020. Being one of the biggest investors and scaling platforms for startups in the gaming and sports ecosystem in India, the company has already undertaken transactions worth USD 50 Million in 13 startups in the last two years and has been the most aggressive investor … Read More