Here’s how CDN is transforming the gaming landscape
6:00 pm PDT 03/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Often gaming becomes unfair with ping spikes and laggy servers, however another important factor can be improper content delivery network(CDN). Right from the launch of the game to ensuring a seamless gaming experience throughout, CDNs become an indispensable part of the digital gaming experience. What is CDN? It is that technology arrangement which helps in seamless gameplay without any obstruction. To simplify it Limelight Networks director Ashwin Rao shares that,  “No gamer wants to face a technical snag during gameplay. … Read More

All you need to know about home design games which are on rise
5:00 pm PDT 02/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Social distancing and lockdown has involved many in home improvement works like adding a new rug or changing the order of the furniture and so on. However, decorating a home is not always feasible when many are at a financial crunch due to COVID 19 pandemic. Therefore, home decoration games are an unlikely game theme, but in the pandemic it became handy. As one can decorate their virtual homes according to their desires without investing time, money, and hassle or gather … Read More

Assessing the post-pandemic ad revenue model of the gaming world
8:30 pm PDT 01/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

The global pandemic of Covid19 has affected every sector by varying degrees. Many offices have had to give pink slips owing to complete lockdown induced revenue shortages, leading economies to flounder. Notwithstanding the upheaval and uncertainty that has struck the planet, gaming and video streaming platforms have seen a boom in daily active users and number of new users and download rates. Having assessed the Indian gaming industry, we recently attempted to understand how COVID 19 caused brought the industry to its knees. While the … Read More

Various dimensions that VCs look for before investing in gaming businesses
6:00 pm PDT 30/05/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Investors consider the gaming industry unpredictable; it is thought that building a “hit” game is a mixture of art and magic, a bit like investing in movies. Gaming is often perceived as mostly a creative industry rather than part of technology. Often investees think what will be that one cracking matra which will become hit while approaching the venture capitalists (VCs) for fundraising on their visioned project. The answer lies in the question why the investors will invest in your … Read More

10 game releases to look out for in June
5:00 pm PDT 30/05/2020 By Poonam Mondal

As the month of June is around the corner here are the games releases that will see the light of day in May 2020 midst of the global lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak: Tour de France 2020 (4June): Tour de France 2020  is a game based on the experience and the intensity of the Grande Boucle from inside the peloton with Tour de France 2020. Pedal into the thick of the action as a cyclist for one of the top … Read More

Game-streaming app NimoTv launches in India
3:00 pm PDT 29/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Live streaming platform for games and e-sports NimoTv has officially been launched in India. NimoTv is the overseas unit of Chinese game live streaming platform Huya. The app is available for Andriod and iOS users. NimoTv is a platform for all the gamers to stream. The company intends to capture the Indian esports market and is hiring pro-streamers from all across India. “We have already had a good pool of gamers from India who work with us and are doing … Read More

Currently valued at $930 million, the Indian gaming industry is expected to grow at 41 per cent annually
7:00 pm PDT 27/05/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Investment firm Maple Capital Advisors has dropped a report titled ‘Gaming – India Story’ which says that the Indian gaming industry is currently valued at $930 million and is expected to grow at 41 per cent annually. By 2024, the gaming industry in India is set to be valued at $ 3,750 million, it added. “In India with over 570 Mn people on the internet and over 85 per cent of which are on mobile, gaming and streaming has been a popular form … Read More

Online poker companies to have lasting uplift of 30 to 40 per cent post COVID-19 period
5:00 pm PDT 27/05/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Real money gaming (RMG) such as Rummy and Poker has captured a large share of the gaming pie in a short period, as the skill acquired gives the players the confidence and ambition to pursue real money gaming. Bunch of online games that are becoming popular during the lockdown has innovative survival scenarios, in keeping up with the COVID-19 health scare. What is driving the real money game in India is – the money involved – for a large part, … Read More

India’s rapid growth in mobile gaming
3:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Mobile gaming is a booming industry all over the world, but its growth is to a large part fuelled by its recent meteoric rise in Asian markets, where console and PC gaming are not keeping pace. China and India together boast around 1.2 billion smartphone users, which shows why these countries in particular are promising marketplaces for the growth of the industry. Even just a fraction of this potential player base would likely number higher than anticipated markets in many … Read More

Eid Mubarak: Wishes pour from Animation, VFX and Gaming studios during quarantine
8:00 pm PDT 25/05/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

Though unlike other years, Eid is a sacred festival ushering in positivity, faith and hope. While people are celebrating a quaratined Eid this year at their respective homes, there’s no derth in spirit and happiness amid all the chaos and crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AVGC community also salutes the enduring and encouraging spirit. They hence, took to social media to wish and pray for the better future that presently lies uncertain. Here we pick a few studios from the … Read More

The great era of the slot machine is still ongoing
6:30 pm PDT 25/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Introduction Slot machines are among the most appealing casino games you can find. You can find slots of all sorts at CAD and AUD casinos today. But it’s also important to note how well they work. You will have a newfound appreciation for games when you see how they work and how you can play them. How Computerization Has Changed Things Many of the slots you’ll find at AUD and CAD casinos run on computers. A chip inside a machine … Read More

Host virtual parties with fun games and activities while practicing social distancing #WhenAtHome
4:00 pm PDT 25/05/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Today is the auspicious occasion of Eid, and it can be extremely unfortunate for some people celebrating this festival amid the lockdown brought in by the pandemic, not being able to meet and greet their loved ones on a special day like this. While we cope up with our lives and finding newer ways to talk and socialise with people, gaming has come out as a major contender. People are spending their leisure time to catch up with their loved … Read More