Fnatic unveils ‘Fnatic Rising’ in India and web series to record the journey of next ‘PUBG’ icon
7:00 pm PDT 16/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

The reality web series based on gaming is all set to commence. Fnatic India and Pocket Aces’ LOCO jointly announced today the launch of Fnatic Rising in India. This is a programme that Fnatic has conducted globally and now they have officially launched it in India to sift out the next PUBG icon. “It is a seven and a half to eight months programme where we will scan the entire country and go to entire nooks and corner of the country … Read More

Gaming may help for better mental health
7:00 pm PDT 15/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Mental health is a topic of concern in today’s fast paced world and just like our physical well being, mental well being should be of priority as well. One of the many ways to overcome mental illness is by involving or exploring new practices, which might help in relaxing. Many researchers believe one of the popular practices can be gaming. The common approach to increasing intrinsic motivation with a digital system is to increase the inherent enjoyment of the activity through … Read More

Here are the practices to safeguard online identity from being compromised while playing games
7:00 pm PDT 13/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Every person who plays games  online often fancy an environment where they can play their favourite online action, shooter, and casino games without  any concern. Online playing field playing field comes with risks like identity theft, cyber bullying, phishing, and credit card theft, to name a few. Today pretty much everything one’s do online is under constant siege and risk of attack. The hackers are always on the prowl looking for people with lucrative online accounts and digital data. And … Read More

Five really popular online games in India
1:30 pm PDT 13/06/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

The growth of online gaming amongst India’s population has become more rapid in recent years, spurred on by the availability of compelling, competitive experiences available via mobile devices. Today it is possible to play everything from looter-shooters like Fortnite to slots games on Casumo using a smartphone, but which titles are the biggest hitters in terms of pure popularity? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds A wild success not just in India, but also around the world, PUBG helped to kick-start the trend for battle royale experiences, in … Read More

Here are the announcements that Sony revealed at the PlayStation 5 event
7:00 pm PDT 12/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Sony has finally revealed the much-anticipated glimpse of PS5 new game reveals, PS5 new games gameplay along with the reveal of the PlayStation 5 console design. During a PS5 reveal event live stream, Sony showed off what it called a glimpse at “the future of gaming.” PlayStation 5 console: The PS5 console includes a white-and-black design to match the new controller that will be included in the box.The PS5 stands vertically, like the Xbox Series X is primarily designed to be placed, … Read More

Is formal education mandatory to be in the gaming industry?
8:00 pm PDT 11/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

Many people believe that they are required to earn a college degree in order to become a video game developer. We cannot completely deny the fact however, that most game developers have a degree in video games design or of a related discipline (like computer science). It is true that a college degree is by far the easiest route into game design, because it gives you opportunity and space to develop both education (in a formal environment), and portfolio. What … Read More

Online gaming takes a toll on physical and mental well-being: NortonLifeLock report
6:00 pm PDT 10/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

It is true that the Coronavirus has made a catastrophic change in everyone’s life and the most effective way right now to fight it is to stay at home and avoid going outside unnecessarily. During the stay at home period in India many engaged into something new and among all others online gaming has been the one which attracted a lot of traction in Indian during lockdown like never before. From user engagement, to download rate to new users to DAU, surged … Read More

India’s gaming scene is likely to keep growing post the pandemic
7:00 pm PDT 09/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

The COVID-19 pandemic has stilled sports stadiums and arenas into silence, with players kept in lockdown. But the quarantine culture has seen a surge in online gaming, esports, and sports simulation for stay-at-home fans. Esports—a digital media format where virtual game-play is streamed as video content, just like football matches, with players raking in millions has seen a surge in pandemic. Not only that due to the time of social distancing, self-quarantine, and containment, watching other people playing online games from … Read More

Paytm First Games and Riot Games team up to bring “Teamfight Tactics” tournament in India
2:00 pm PDT 09/06/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Paytm First Games (PFG) has today announced that it has partnered with Riot Games to organise the region’s first “Teamfight Tactics” mobile tournament. The tournament will be held from 17 to 21 June, and 512 Indian gamers will compete to win a prize pool of Rs. 75,000/- in this first edition of the tournament. The registrations for the tournament will open on 9 June on the PFG app. This tournament will be held online and will use multiple elimination formats depending … Read More

Where is real money Poker heading post COVID-19 lockdown?
9:00 pm PDT 08/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent country-wide lockdown has affected many facets of Indian society, including the gaming industry. When  1.3 billion people went on nationwide lockdown the gaming space changed completely. Publicis Groupe India reported that gaming saw a 41 per cent increase in time spent in March. According to findings of the research firm Niko’s series of interviews – a 21-year old male who mentioned that he used to play games for around two hours per day before … Read More

The race diversity in video games and how brands are showing support
7:00 pm PDT 05/06/2020 By Poonam Mondal

” We may have a different  religion, different language, different coloured skin, but we all belong to one human race.” -Kofi Annan Needless to say that, video games offer opportunities for players to explore, practice, and re-enforce cultural and social identities. There are lot of things which are predominantly created and played by one racial group that can unintentionally perpetuate racial stereo-types and thus limited choices reflected to preconceived notions of racial bias. While the world is battling to COVID-19 together, another … Read More

Paytm First Games brings back fantasy cricket for its users
7:00 pm PDT 04/06/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Paytm First Games has brought in fantasy sporting two latest cricket tournaments – Finland T20 Premier League and Vanuatu T10 League. This comes after almost three months as sports tournaments across the world were canceled due to COVID-19. Registered users on the app can now create their team to participate. Paytm First Games has more than 60 million registered users across the country. Apparently fantasy cricket is one of the most popular game genres on the platform, and therefore the company has brought it back … Read More