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Yali Dream Creations CEO hopes ‘Rakshak’ will inspire more film adaptations of comics in India
7:00 pm PDT 16/01/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

Superheroes/heroines have always saved the world…and also the box-office! Quite literally! Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, there’s no dearth of superheroes as the audience simply can’t get over them or the concept of an extraordinary person taking on the wrong. Recently, Yali Dream Creations’ Rakshak became the first superhero comic book series which will be adapted on silver screen. Helmed by noted filmmaker Sanjay Gupta, the film adaptation is produced by White Feather Films and co-produced by Yali Dream Creations … Read More

“‘Rakshak’ film adaptation is the way to go for Indian Comics that has long been marginalised”: Shamik Dasgupta
6:30 pm PDT 03/01/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

Helmed by noted filmmaker Sanjay Gupta, Yali Dream Creations’ comics Rakshak is all set to come alive on big screens. Gupta (Shootout at Lokhandwala, Kaabil, Jazbaa and Shootout at Wadala fame) took to Twitter to announce that he’ll be directing the graphic novel into a “massive and ambitious” film, first of its kind in India. So proud and happy to announce that my company White Feather Films has acquired the rights for RAKSHAK. A thrilling graphic novel about a vigilante … Read More

OTMC brings Hollywood dubbed Bengali movies
9:00 pm PDT 20/12/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

According to a KPMG report, over the last few years, nearly 40 per cent English releases are dubbed in at least one regional language. Because dubbing into different Indian languages helps reach wider audience base, leading to increase in the contribution from dubbed versions to overall revenue collection in Indian market. Hollywood films are targeting both big and small markets equally, considering the growing content consumption in tier II and III markets. Good cinematic experience of Hollywood movies has been appreciated … Read More

Disney releases new trailer for live-action ‘Mulan’ and fans will be delighted with the recreated sequences
4:00 pm PDT 06/12/2019 By Yugandhara Shete

Disney dropped a new trailer for its live-action remake of Mulan on Thursday. The new trailer is packed with action and fierce imagery. Just like its 1998 original animated counterpart, the live-action feature too follows the story of a young Chinese woman who disguises herself as a man to fight in the army in her father’s place. The remake also stars Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, Jet Li as The Emperor and Jason Scott Lee as Bori Khan. While the … Read More

Netflix’s 2D animated ‘Klaus’ is a perfect holiday classic
6:30 pm PDT 29/11/2019 By Yugandhara Shete

The latest animated feature from Netflix, Klaus is made in the traditional hand-drawn 2D animation. Taking into consideration the film’s title, Klaus involves the legendary figure of Santa Claus. This is supposed to be an origin story. It sheds a light upon why the presents go through the chimney, how reindeer came to pull the sleigh, how Santa got his red and white attire and how were the toys made. The plot is set in motion when Jesper (Jason Schwartzman), … Read More

Review: ‘Joker’ standalone feature is a chilling origin story
6:00 pm PDT 02/10/2019 By Parth Kaushik

“Smile, though your heart is aching Smile, even though it’s breaking When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by” – Nat King Cole Although the song itself encapsulates Joker’s state of mind, it beggars a question as to what causes the emerald haired villain those heartaches? If one wants to know about the proverbial and sometimes literal pushes that drove Joker to lunacy, look no further than Todd Phillip’s standalone feature. Until now, we harboured empathy for the whole gunning down … Read More

‘Abominable’: An adorable journey towards home
12:30 pm PDT 30/09/2019 By Yugandhara Shete

The first major co-production between DreamWorks and China’s Pearl Studio, Abominable, is a charming and adorable tale that holds your interest during its 90-minute runtime. An exceptionally amiable animated tale, written and directed by Jill Culton, Abominable is one kind and gentle hug to mankind. The film begins with a prison break scene, as where we can see a large creature escaping a lab before reaching a Chinese metropolis. It is not until the creature sees a billboard advertising trips … Read More

‘Toy Story 4’ bids an emotional goodbye
11:00 am PDT 21/06/2019 By Yugandhara Shete

Toy Story brings out its fourth instalment for the fans and it’s definitely an emotional ride we all would like to experience.  While the first three films from Pixar told a complete story, we wondered what Toy Story 4 would bring. But Pixar with an amazing screenplay merged the stories quite effectively. The story begins when nine years ago, after Woody, Buzz and their other friends are given away by the college going Andy to a young Bonnie. This is … Read More

Robert Pattinson roped in as the new Batman
2:00 pm PDT 17/05/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

Though the final deal is yet to be finalised, Robert Pattinson of Twilight saga might take up the role of the caped crusader in Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC movie The Batman by Warner Bros. Besides Pattinson, Reeves’ list has other names with the likes of Armie Hammer, Nicholas Hoult and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Reeves, who was behind the Planet of the Apes trilogy, took over the direction of the superhero stand-alone after Ben Affleck stepped away from the director’s chair in 2017. … Read More

‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ trailer hints at the dark intentions of the horned fairy
3:30 pm PDT 14/05/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

Disney’s one of the most iconic villains is back! Disney has dropped the first trailer for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil which finds the flying sorceress Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) teaming up with Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) again. Disney announced that the sequel to Maleficent will be included in its hefty 2019 live-action line-up in early March. The first movie was a dark take on the tale of Sleeping Beauty, from the villain’s point of view with a twist. The trailer of … Read More

How ‘Captain Marvel’ got her glow, and how Goose the cat came alive on screen: A VFX interview with ILM
10:00 am PDT 30/04/2019 By Sachin Bhat

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s Captain Marvel finally gave us a glimpse into the making of the most powerful Avenger yet. Fans have been on pins and needles to know more about the character since watching Nick Fury’s outmoded pager send her a distress signal in the aftermath of Thanos’ snap. And suffice to say, it was worth the wait. Captain Marvel beautifully crafted Carol Danvers’ journey from a Kree soldier to a superhero, elevated by flashy and glaring visual … Read More

Google drops Thanos easter egg as ‘Avengers: Endgame’ releases today
2:00 pm PDT 26/04/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

As Avengers: Endgame zooms into theaters today, the hype about the film is reaching heights. Remember the scene from Avengers: Infinity War where with just one snap of Thanos’ finger, some of our beloved superheroes were disintegrated leaving fans heartbroken? Well, Google has taken that up and presented it with a twist! Google has unveiled an Avengers Easter egg that unleashes the destructive power of the Mad Titan on the web page. Since its activation, all one needs to do … Read More