E-learning, the new normal?
8:00 pm PDT 01/07/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

The pandemic has entirely changed the way we approach things. Every sector — across the spectrum—  has been affected by the ongoing lockdown — in some way or the other. With social distancing being the norm today, a major chunk of our daily lives — has moved towards digital. Digital workspaces — are a common thing now and have made it easier for people to continue their work. As a result, digital classrooms are becoming more commonplace as well. E-learning — was already gearing … Read More

Animator Vaibhav More to start his own school of animation
5:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By Yugandhara Shete

Industry veteran and well-known name in the Indian animation industry is now going to share the valuable experience he has with animation enthusiasts, through an animation school. “I have always been inclined towards the teaching and promotion of animation. I had faced many problems when I was starting up in the industry, there were hardly any guidelines or courses for learning character animation and storytelling. So I feel it’s my duty to pass on my learnings to others now,” said More. … Read More

Toonz salutes all the heroes working out during the lockdown with fee discount on all courses
6:00 pm PDT 13/04/2020 By Yugandhara Shete

While we stay within the safety of our homes, there are some heroes without capes who risk their health at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic to keep us all safe. It is our privilege to salute these frontline fighters -doctors, nurses, police and health department workers for their selfless service during tough times like these. To express sincere and deep gratitude for the tireless service extended to us all by the members of the healthcare community … Read More

Essential Education – Virtual round table: Innovative ed-tech on the frontlines
4:30 pm PDT 06/04/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

As the COVID-19 lockdown continues across the country, people have been bound to their homes, for good. As all operations lean to the virtual world amid the lockdown, we embraced the same as well. Taking our industry-academia engagement event forward, Adobe along with AnimationXpress – a part of Group presented “Essential Education” – a virtual round table conference to discuss the importance and various ways of creativity which can be imbibed early in a student’s path. The attempt was … Read More

Essential Education: An evening of learning and opportunities
7:00 pm PDT 03/03/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Irrespective of any industry, creativity is required everywhere. To succeed in the competitive market, clear innovation, guidance and unleashing the creative potential of students is of utmost importance. While it is not a topic alien to the institutes which groom students to their career, a carefully curated event was brought in place by AnimationXpress in association with Adobe to discuss the topic further. On 28 February, 2020, the Crowne Plaza in Pune played host to “Essential Education”, which was a … Read More

Timepro joins forces with Moody’s Analytics to create a Wealth Management Course
6:00 pm PDT 15/11/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

Technological advancements have been facilitating education in a variety of ways. Recently TimesPro and Moody’s Analytics recently launched an exclusively designed, advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Wealth Management (PGDWM) which will be available for students on a dedicated application/website. Learning has become easy with the advent of technology and its applications. Targeted at graduates and postgraduates, successful completion of the program will earn candidates the globally recognized Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation in addition to the PGDWM. The CIWM is accredited by … Read More

PAI College of VEDA’s annual event, Kalotsav 2019 served as an exciting platform for the students to showcase their talents
6:30 pm PDT 06/02/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

Kalotsav is an annual gathering and festival event of MCE Society’s PAI College of Visual Effects, Design & Art. A range of exciting events and workshops are held during this festival which goes on for seven days. The institute hosts a variety of competitions in fields such as photography, short film, VFX shot, graphic poster design, logo design to name a few, and all these activities are open to all institutes of Azam Campus and to a large number of … Read More

Veative plans to bring immersive technology in classrooms with it’s VR Learn Solution
5:00 pm PDT 10/07/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Veative, a provider of education technology and digital learning solutions has recently launched its VR Learn Solution. The company uses immersive technologies such as 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality with an objective to bring significant educational transformation by introducing immersive and interactive modules within classrooms. Veative co-founder Ankur Aggarwal says ‘’Veative’s VR Learn solutions is a reality based immersive and experiential learning solution which results in possibly heightened retention of the subject matter, and deeper level of engagement in a … Read More

Native Puppets brings world-class animation courses at your doorstep
11:00 am PDT 26/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Native Puppets, one of India’s top online animation schools with expertise in character animation, has some exciting news for budding animators – It’s offering certified advanced diploma courses in animation, gaming, and VFX to prospective students. And they can do this in the comfort of their home by creating a schedule to match their convenience! Native Puppets has carved a niche for themselves in the field of animation schooling. Their trainers and alumni come from all parts of the world, … Read More

Here are some of the best animation schools in the world
11:30 am PDT 19/12/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

If you are looking for a career in the field of animation, you must definitely be on a lookout for the best animation schools in the world. Here is a list of five of the top animation schools globally! Every student is different and has different requirements, skill sets and aspirations when it comes to their career. With the right animation degree, it is not just about learning animation games and graphics. Today, animation experts can try their hands in … Read More

Kolkata gets its ninth MAAC centre
2:30 pm PDT 14/12/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) today announced the launch of its ninth MAAC Kasba centre in Kolkata. With more and more film-goers hooked to flying humans and stomping monsters, the Indian animation and visual effects (VFX) industry has grown considerably. Aptech AVP Shajan Samuel said, “Kolkata has always been known as a city of literary, artistic, and revolutionary heritage. Considering these trends, MAAC Kasba will turn Kolkata into a hotbed of animation and VFX artists. We launched our first … Read More

FX School to provide up to 100 per cent scholarship in filmmaking, game design, VFX and more
6:00 pm PDT 23/11/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Deserving students can earn a full 100 per cent scholarship as well as 75 per cent and 50 per cent scholarships towards FX School’s courses in filmmaking, visual effects (VFX), virtual reality game design and development, graphic design & digital art and computer graphics animation by taking a free test on 24 or 25 November. This year FX School has allocated five 100 per cent scholarships! Last year, scholarships totalling 25 lakhs were awarded to aspirants. FX School National Award … Read More