DC celebrates ‘Scoob!’ release with over 250 digital ‘Scooby-Doo’ comics
1:00 pm PDT 18/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

DC is offering over 250 isues of Scooby-Doo comics starring our favorite canine free to read in celebration of the video on demand release of Scoob! Starting 7 September, the free comics will be available on DC Universe, comiXology, Kindle and other digital platforms. Scooby-Doo comics available for Free on DC Universe and Digital Retailers starting on 15 May: Scooby-Doo (1997-2010) Issues 33-84 Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Daphne, and Velma are back, ready to solve strange cases, unmask dastardly villains, and, in … Read More

Papercutz brings ‘Asterix’ comics to US this summer
1:30 pm PDT 13/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

The full line of all-time best-selling Asterix comics are arriving in the U.S. this summer in new editions through kids’ graphic novel publisher Papercutz. All old fans can enjoy reliving the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, while a new generation of young readers can get to know them freshly. Papercutz has taken on board veteran comics translator Joe Johnson for the project, working from the original French. Since Asterix first appeared as a French comics hero in 1959, the ancient warrior has been … Read More

Fenil Comics
Fenil Comics runs Instagram quiz contests to keep readers engaged
5:00 pm PDT 06/05/2020 By Yugandhara Shete

With more than 200 countries infected with the coronavirus pandemic, many are facing major issues in their daily routine, many are sliding into depression, feeling lonely, scared and are definitely stressed. What makes it easy to survive in this situation is keeping oneself busy and occupied. Following a hobby, watching good content, playing games are just a few of the many ideas to keep yourself busy. Comic readers are enjoying a good read with many books now available on digital … Read More

Tibu spreads awareness on covid-19 through kids friendly comics
5:00 pm PDT 27/04/2020 By Yugandhara Shete

The covid-19 pandemic has made every artist reach out the human race in his/ her own way, spreading awareness, sharing hopeful insights, showcasing the horrifying situation, or just putting the current scenario on paper. There’s a lot of information going around in traditional as well as social media platforms keeping everyone well informed about the grim happenings out there. Magic Elements Studios chose to focus on sticking to how Tibu, an eight year old creative individual, could react in the … Read More

Marvel confirms no new comic releases next week
5:00 pm PDT 25/04/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Marvel Comics spokesperson has confirmed that the company will not release any new comics in print or digital for the week of 27 April. The spread of the covid-19 coronavirus has had major effects on the comic book industry, many of which we may not know about in full for some time. It’s unclear when Marvel will resume publication on titles that had previously been solicited, or even when comics that were being worked on for publication later in the year … Read More

Marvel Comics furloughs staff by almost half starting 26 April
4:00 pm PDT 25/04/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

After Disney furloughed staff across divisions, the House of Mouse owned Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Comics, is now doing the same by cutting its editorial staff by half. As Bleeding Cool reports, as a result of such furloughs, which is expected to be less than half, the affected staff that includes senior as well as junior staff, have been furloughed, rather than being completely laid off. Beginning this Sunday, 26 April, during the furlough period, Marvel will continue to provide health … Read More

River Comics gives access to its unlimited comics slate at Rs. 45 per month
8:00 pm PDT 15/04/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

Comic fans have another reason to rejoice! River Comics, publisher of original and dynamic comic books and motion graphic novels, have announced that its users can now enjoy unlimited comic titles from its library at a very low cost. Priced at Rs. 45 a month, the first episode of any comic book series is completely free to access currently. Says New Jersey based, River Comics founder and CEO J M Thakar, “It’s an incredibly tough situation the whole world is facing currently … Read More

Kini Studios gives ‘Angry Maushi’ e-comics at discounted rates during the lockdown
5:00 pm PDT 14/04/2020 By Yugandhara Shete

With the extended lockdown, everybody is stuck at home for another fortnight at least. Wondering how to keep yourself occupied, many streaming platforms are providing huge content for the viewers to binge on. Old comics are being shared across WhatsApp, giving us a ride through the good old times. Adding to the lot, Abhijeet Kini Studios is making few comics available for the readers at minimum rates. The very popular Angry Maushi will make your lockdown time fun, with her … Read More

Marvel Comics gives free access to popular titles for a month
12:00 pm PDT 08/04/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Marvel announced that it will be giving away a month of free access to some of its most popular comic books through its Marvel Unlimited subscription service. The company is offering access to a curated list of 12 titles featuring the Avengers, Spider-Man, Black Widow and Captain America on Marvel Unlimited until 4 May. Among them are Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates Vol. 1, Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate, X-Men Milestones: Dark Phoenix Saga as well as Black Widow Vol. … Read More

Marvel Unlimited announces free access to its enviable comics titles from 2 April to 4 May
4:00 pm PDT 03/04/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s digital comics subscription service, is offering FREE access to some of Marvel’s most iconic stories from recent years to its fans during this Coronavirus pandemic.  The subscription also includes the recent Marvel Comics events and critically acclaimed titles featuring the Avengers, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and more. People all over the world are currently home quarantined due to the virus outbreak, and thus Marvel is trying to help its fans escape the grim reality … Read More

Labourers during COVID-19 lockdown : the plight, seen through artworks by animators and comic artists
7:00 pm PDT 31/03/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

The entire world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of people affected by it continues to increase, continuing this macabre journey. India too is no exception with 1440 confirmed cases till today. The entire country is presently undergoing a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of the virus, as declared by PM Narendra Modi on 24 March.  While the lockdown was of utmost necessity to control the outbreak, what we needed was an immediate lockdown but not an … Read More

Classic comics make a comeback through social media to encourage social distancing
6:00 pm PDT 30/03/2020 By Yugandhara Shete

Indian government has imposed a long lockdown in wake of the coronavirus outbreak and social media has boomed. Sharing content through memes, illustrations, jokes, news is keeping us all connected. And now, the quarantined lot is going to get all nostalgic, as few old comics are making a comeback through e-books. The good old comics of the 90s, including Chacha Chaudhary, Pinki, Nagraj, among others are out there on social media, being shared through Whatsapp. The relics are widely circulated … Read More