Claymation characters come alive in a new, augmented reality story
12:00 pm PDT 27/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Aardman and Fictioneers are foraying into augmented reality with the first Wallace & Gromit animation from their new venture. The claymation characters will bring fans directly into their adventures via The Big Fix Up. Aardman Studios and Fictioneers have partnered to create The Big Fix Up, an experience which will actually let players interact with Wallace and Gromit directly. This time around, the pair have taken on a contract to “fix up” the city of Bristol, with players becoming employees … Read More

Animated short from ‘Korona’ series depicts a stark picture of the privileged and the pained
8:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

Starting from 25 March midnight, we are now undergoing lockdown 4.0 till 31 May 2020. In the meantime, a lot has happened. While we, “the privileged” class are already getting tired of the “boredom”, “social distancing”, “staying at home” and other things, there’s a large number of distressed and helpless people for whom “home” and being quarantined is a luxury. Yes, I’m talking about the migrant workers. Having lost their jobs, no food and even no permanent shelter, these poor … Read More

Xilam Animation appoints Licensing Works! as North American agent for ‘Zig & Sharko’
7:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Award-winning French animation studio, Xilam Animation has named Licensing Works! as its North American licensing agent for its popular animated slapstick comedy brand Zig & Sharko.  As part of the deal, Licensing Works! is now assembling a merchandise programme for the brand targeting kids, tweens, teens as well as their families. They are focusing on vacation and Spring/Summer products ranging across swimwear, pool accessories, home décor, outdoor textiles, surf, skate, sporting goods, personal care, greetings cards, toys, puzzles, games, dress-up, … Read More

Disney+Hotstar now streams ‘Mira, Royal Detective’
6:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Disney+Hotstar has added another new title, Mira, Royal Detective to its wide kids catalogue from 24 May which airs on Disney Jr. This animated series can be watched as part of the Premium subscription plan of Rs. 1,499 annually. The series follows a brave and resourceful common girl, Mira, who is appointed as the royal detective after solving a mystery that involves saving the kingdom’s young prince. Together with her friend Prince Neel, a talented inventor; Priya, her creative cousin; … Read More

Animator Vaibhav More to start his own school of animation
5:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By Yugandhara Shete

Industry veteran and well-known name in the Indian animation industry is now going to share the valuable experience he has with animation enthusiasts, through an animation school. “I have always been inclined towards the teaching and promotion of animation. I had faced many problems when I was starting up in the industry, there were hardly any guidelines or courses for learning character animation and storytelling. So I feel it’s my duty to pass on my learnings to others now,” said More. … Read More

Freida Pinto shares her experience while working on an animation project
4:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Actress Freida Pinto feels working on an animated project is very different as “you have to first enhance your imagination while you are recording”. She says one also has to lose all the inhibitions, and then only one can get to the essence of the character. “The animated world is pretty different from film and television. You have to first enhance your imagination while you are recording but you also have to lose all the inhibitions because then you just … Read More

Cosmos-Maya launches new animated series on Salman Khan’s Chulbul Pandey, produced by Arbaaz Khan
1:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Cosmos-Maya has announced its next animation magnum opus to be inspired by Chulbul Pandey, the iconic cop popularised by Salman Khan in the Dabangg film franchise, produced by Arbaaz Khan. Announced yesterday on Eid, the series will feature the lead character as his own self, and not a child avatar. The animated comic-caper series will have the same characters as the films and universal storylines which cater to a wide range of audiences.  Two seasons of the yet to be … Read More

‘Looney Tunes Cartoons’ debuts full episode before HBO Max launch
12:00 pm PDT 26/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Ahead of launch, HBO Max has unveiled a full episode of Looney Tunes Cartoons, bringing the animated icons back to action. HBO Max arrives on 27 May, with an attempt by Warner Bros. Animation to reboot the classic cartoon characters from decades ago. A full episode of Looney Tunes Cartoons runs somewhere between 11-12 minutes long, comprised of two shorts that run between four and seven minutes, as well as an interstitial short with a quick slapstick gag that runs a … Read More

Eid Mubarak: Wishes pour from Animation, VFX and Gaming studios during quarantine
8:00 pm PDT 25/05/2020 By Sharmindrila Paul

Though unlike other years, Eid is a sacred festival ushering in positivity, faith and hope. While people are celebrating a quaratined Eid this year at their respective homes, there’s no derth in spirit and happiness amid all the chaos and crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AVGC community also salutes the enduring and encouraging spirit. They hence, took to social media to wish and pray for the better future that presently lies uncertain. Here we pick a few studios from the … Read More

Eid Mubarak : Artists seek blessings and strength in desolate times
3:00 pm PDT 25/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Festivals are time for celebration, happiness, laughter, faith and prosperity. Of seeking blessings for a better future. Eid is one such pious occasion. 2020 has been an extremely tough year for all of us across the globe, having to deal with a pandemic, severe cyclone, forest fires, lockdown, locust invasion, economic downturn, plane crash several deaths and what not. Perhaps, all of us need blessings more than anything right now for the world to heal soon. Today’s Eid is different … Read More

Laika Studios creates stop-motion fight challenge video
1:00 pm PDT 25/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

Fight Challenge videos have been popping up on social media throughout quarantine, and Laika Studios is the recent one to get in on the fun. The stop-motion animation studio behind Hollywood films like Coraline, Missing Link and Kubo and the Two Strings came up with an inventive spin on the quarantine fight challenge that harnesses their strengths. A high-jumping Boxtroll, a small army of plastic cows, a katana-wielding ronin made of silver, and a pair of sentient shoes are just … Read More

GKids to have virtual theatrical release for ‘Marona’s Fantastic Tale’
11:00 am PDT 25/05/2020 By AnimationXpress Team

GKids has announced that it will give Marona’s Fantastic Tale a video-on-demand release after looking at the Universal and Warner Bros’ success in the recently released Trolls: World Tour and Scoob! respectively. A portion of the ticket proceeds will go to partner theaters and related organisations, including the Laemmle Theaters in L.A. and The Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. Through these virtual cinema affiliate links, audiences can enjoy this exciting new release from the comfort of their … Read More